Intel Core i7-12800H Destroys All Existing Mobile Chips in Leaked Geekbench Score Including Current Flagships From Both AMD and Intel

It's not looking too good for AMD laptop processors out here.

Intel is geared up to launch Alder Lake mobile chips at CES 2022 in January of next year. There are two different versions of Alder Lake mobile coming to the market, Alder Lake-M and the more powerful Alder Lake-P. Even though we’re quite excited about the upcoming reveal, almost everything about these chips have already leaked or is leaking as we speak. We’ve gotten various leaked specs, reports, and benchmarks that tell us what to expect. And, today is no different.

Just spotted on the Geekbench 5 database by Twitter-user APISAK, a new Gigabyte laptop has leaked out and seen rocking a Core i7-12800H Alder Lake-P processor. The laptop in question is the “GIGABYTE AORUS 15 YE4” with the “E” YE4 representing that it’s an Intel 12th Gen device. Recent leaks have told us that next-gen Gigabyte AORUS laptops will come in both 15 and 17-inch variants with options for DDR5 memory configs. This model in particular was sporting 16GB of RAM.

Detailed Specs

The i7-12800H was seen with a base clock speed of 2.8 Ghz, which lines up accurately with reports we’ve seen so far, with frequencies boosting up to 28.3 Ghz. Obviously that 28.3 Ghz spec is incorrect and that’s because Geekbench currently does not recognize turbo clocks in Alder Lake CPUs properly, hence giving a comical reading of 28.3 Ghz. If that boost clock were to be true, the 12800H would literally cause a nuclear meltdown within your laptop the moment you tried to play a game on it.

Gigabyte AORUS 15 YE4 Specs | Geekbench

The Geekbench listing also confirmed the topology of the i7-12800H to line up with the topology of the i7-12700H and the i9-12900HK. As you can see above, the 12800H has 14 cores and 20 threads; out of those 14 cores, 6 are Golden Cove performance cores and 8 are Gracemont efficiency cores. Only the Golden Cove performance cores have hyperthreading which explains the uneven thread count.

Interestingly, the top-of-the-line i9-12900HK and the lower-tiered i7-12700H also feature the exact same amount of cores and threads with very little variation in base frequencies, too. There is only a 100Mhz difference between each of the Alder Lake-P chips, with the 12900HK carrying a base clock of 2.9 Ghz, and the 12700H carrying a base clock of 2.7 Ghz. I’m quite curious to see how these chips actually differ themselves in real-world usage because their on-paper specs have very little discrepancy.


The i7-12800H in the Geekbench listing performed exceptionally well but still lost to the i7-12700H in multi-score tests, which indicates that there is still some work to be done and that drivers are likely not finalized. It’s also important to note that this leak comes directly from Gigabyte’s engineering team, hence the unfinished development. Purportedly, the team was testing the AORUS 15 YE4 laptop but did not disconnect the engineering sample from the internet whilst benchmarking, giving us this leak in return.

i7-12800H vs. The Competition

Coming to the juicy bit, the i7-12800H managed to achieve an impressive Single-Core score of 1654, while netting 9618 points in the Multi-Core test. That score is higher than even the highest Ryzen 9 5980HX score on Geekbench. Of course, each Geekbench run produces slightly different results so there will always be a small variance in the scores. That’s why a lot of the times either the best scores are taken to give the best chance and benefit of the doubt to the chip in question, or simply the overall average of all tests is calculated and used.

Gigabyte AORUS 15 YE4 Geekbench benchmarks scores | Geekbench

By that logic, the highest Ryzen 9 5980HX scores on Geekbench are 1523 for Single-Core and 8469 for Multi-Core. The i7-12800H, in comparison has a ~7.9% higher Single-Core score and a ~11.9% higher Multi-Core score. Keep in mind that the 5980HX is currently the fastest mobile CPU that AMD produces and its so exclusive that its only available in one laptop so far, the ASUS ROG Zephyrus Duo 15 SE.

Now, the funny part is that the Rzyen 9 5980HX isn’t even this chip’s direct competition! The i7-12800H’s direct competition is supposed to be the Ryzen 7 5800H. Against that, the 12800H is about 25% faster in single-threaded tests and a whooping 37% faster in multi-threaded benchmarks. The 5800H does have fewer cores and threads, 8 cores, 16 threads, and is also based on a technically previous-gen microarchitecture from AMD, but still. The performance gap here is insane.

As for in-house competition, the i7-12800H fares well in that, too. Up against the previous-gen Tiger Lake i7-11800H, the 12800H scores 12% higher in single-core benchmarks while scoring 20% higher in multi-core benchmarks. And, just for fun, let’s throw in the Ryzen 9 5900H as well, which actually is a somewhat fair comparison since that CPU is one step down from the flagship Ryzen mobile chip, just like the i7-12800H which is a tier below the flagship i9-12900HK.

Current-gen Gigabyte AORUS 15 laptop featuring a Core i7-11800H | Gigabyte

On average, the 12800H is about 16.73% faster in single-threaded tests and 25.87% faster in multi-threaded tests when compared to the Ryzen 9 5900H. Unsurprisingly, the only chip better/faster than the i7-12800H is the i9-12900HK which, once released, will most likely become the fastest mobile chip on the market, trumping even the latest Ryzen 6000 mobile chips that are supposed to launched side-by-side.

Intel Mobility Will Dominate The Market

Lastly, it’s important mentioning that this wasn’t even a final retail sample of the i7-12800H, which means there’s still some tuning left to do. This is particularly evident with the multi-core scores which are lower than that of the i7-12700H’s. Just a quick reminder, the 12700H is a tier below the 12800H, if you couldn’t already tell so the former having a higher multi-core score is odd to say the least. Even in this weird scenario, the 12800H is the fastest mobile chip out there, second to only the 12900HK.

Intel Alder Lake hybrid architecture | Intel

And, that seems to be the primary impression here, right? Intel Alder Lake-P just being the fastest around. Due to the improvements made on architectural grounds with the big.LITTLE hybrid design and 10nm process node, Intel will likely enjoy CPU domination until at least Q4 2022, after they launch in Q1 2022. AMD is expected to reveal its Ryzen 7000 “Raphael-H” mobile chips in Q1 of 2023 which will bump up the max core count to 16 cores (32 threads). That seems to be AMD’s answer to Intel’s current leap in mobile performance, but it’ll be a while before we see that.

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Intel Core i7-12800H Destroys All Existing Mobile Chips in Leaked Geekbench Score Including Current Flagships From Both AMD and Intel

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