Intel Core i7-12650HX Alder Lake-S Mobile CPU Spotted on UserBenchmark for the First Time

Alder Lake mobile CPUs have already hit the market with laptops powered by Intel’s newest putting on impressive numbers and taking the crown from both AMD and Apple in terms or raw performance. Even though the Alder Lake-P SKUs are out and about, there is an even powerful series that Intel has so far kept under wraps. Alder Lake-S, the high-powered version of Alder Lake mobile is still yet to arrive and we’ve just caught our first glimpse of it.

Videocardz was quick to spot a new entry on UserBenchmark showing off the Intel Core i7-12650HX, a new Alder Lake-S SKU that we’ve never heard of before. The Core i7-12650H already exists as part of Alder Lake-P, but this new “HX” variant seems to be lot more capable. For starters, there is a difference in the core configuration of both SKUs with the Alder Lake-S i7-12650HX featuring 14 cores and 20 threads, as compared to 10 cores and 16 threads on the Alder Lake-P variant.

Intel Core i7-12650HX specs | UserBenchmark

Out of those 14 cores, six are Performance Cores and eight are Efficiency Cores with hyper-threading only supported on the P-Cores, which is how we get 20 threads despite a total of 14 cores. The UserBenchmark listing further highlights that the i7-12650HX has a base clock of 2.3Ghz and a maximum boost clock of 4.05Ghz, all powered by a 55W Base Power Limit. It’s also important to note that this more than likely just a desktop chip on a BGA (Ball Grid Array) package with limited frequencies and voltage curves, as suggested by some recent leaks pertaining to Alder Lake-S.

The benchmark results

As for the benchmark itself, there is currently only one record to go by that shows an average bench of 104%, a mighty impressive feat for a mobile chip. Just for comparison, the top-end 11th Gen mobile CPU, the Core i9-11980HK has an average bench score of 90.6% so you can see how the Alder Lake-S chip fares. It managed a normal score of 213 points, heavy score of 963 points and a server score of 1962 points. That puts in the same league as the desktop Core i9-11900K from yesteryear and just slightly above the Core i9-11900KF. Now that’s what you call impressive.

Intel Core i7-12650HX benchmark results | UserBenchmark

Intel manages to achieve all this by just a 10W different in base TDP, 45W on the normal Core i7-12650H vs. 55W on the Alder Lake-S i7-12650HX. This is truly a testament to the breakthrough improvements made by Intel with their Alder Lake architecture and big.LITTLE design philosophy. From being in the shadows of AMD and Apple for the last couple of years to now outshining both, the tables have been turned dramatically by Team Blue.

As of now, we don’t have any word on a possible “HX” series launch from Intel. Apart from this Core i7 SKU, it also is possible that there would be a flagship i9 part as well, possibly the i9-12900HX or the i9-12980HX that would be Intel end-all-be-all. It would be interesting to see where these slot in the existing Alder Lake lineup since Intel already has various high-end mobile SKUs out there that top the charts. 


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