Intel Confirms All the K-CPUs From 13th Gen ‘Raptor Lake’

Intel’s 13th Gen CPUs codenamed Raptor Lake are just around the corner offering massive core/thread count increments as compared to last-Gen. Not only that, but the architecture has been revised in departments pertaining to the cache division. A while back, Igor’s Lab gave us the complete specifications for the Raptor Lake lineup.

Today, over at, a post from Intel came up showing ‘How to Choose a Gaming CPU‘ as pointed out by momomo_us. The best part is that, Intel ‘accidentally’ included the i5/i7/i9 – K CPUs from Raptor Lake (13th Gen) instead of Alder Lake (12th Gen). What a coincidence. 

Intel Raptor Lake K-SKU Confirmation | Intel via momomo_us


As shown, the i5-13600K ships with 14 cores / 20 threads offering a killer price-to-performance ratio for the budget segment. The P-core max turbo frequency is rated at 5.1GHz. This budget monstrosity is packed with a total of 44MB of cache (24MB L3 + 20MB L2). 


Moving on to the i7 family, we have the i7-13700K powered by 16 cores / 24 threads. The P-core clock is at a max of 5.3GHz. Although, on using Intel’s Turbo Boost Max 3.0 this can be boosted up to 5.4GHz.

Raptor Lake SKU Chart | Intel via


Finally, we have the Raptor Lake king, the 13900K reaching new heights with its massive 24 core / 32 thread count. The on-paper max P-core frequency is just 5.4GHz. However, Intel’s signature Thermal Velocity Boost (Enabled Only for this CPU) can bump the clocks to 5.8GHz

Release Date

These CPUs are set to be announced at Intel’s Innovation Event planned for the 27th of September. As is the tradition, the pre-order embargo will be lifted on the same day and your goods can be expected by the 20th of October (Retail Day). You can read more about this here.

  1. Raptor Lake Announcement : 27th September, 2022
  2. Pre-orders for the i9 series : 27th September, 2022
  3. Pre-orders for the i5/i7 series : 13th October, 2022
  4. Arrival of your goods : 20th October, 2022

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