Latest Intel Comet Lake Desktop-Grade CPU Prices And Retail Availability Leak Indicating AMD Might Gain Customers On Affordability

The 10th Gen Intel Comet Lake CPUs have been appearing in numerous leaks and benchmarking reports. The only aspect that remained a mystery was the prices of the 14nm processors which are based on the Skylake architecture. A few retail listings on a rather obscure e-retailer may have confirmed the retail prices as well as possible availability dates of the latest Intel desktop-grade CPUs.

Intel has been stretching out the 14nm Fabrication Technology for a long time, and the latest 10th Comet Lake components too are manufactured on the same archaic technology. Meanwhile, AMD has long back moved its entire line of CPUs as well as GPUs on the 7nm Manufacturing Process. However, the highly mature 14nm Production Process allows Intel to significantly finetune the upcoming generation, called the Comet Lake. The leaked prices of the Intel Comet Lake desktop-grade CPUs indicate that AMD might have an advantage. It is important to note that the prices haven’t been corroborated yet, and could change substantially, especially due to the ongoing health crisis which is bound to impact production and delivery commitments.

Intel Comet Lake Desktop-Grade CPUs Prices And Availability Dates Leak:

A tipster on Twitter has leaked what appears to be retail listings of the latest Intel Comet Lake desktop-grade CPUs. The prices are clearly in Canadian Dollars, and hence appear to be significantly on the higher side. The listings also indicate that Intel could ship out mass-produced 10900, the 10700K, and the 10700 in the month of May and ensure availability in June 2020.

Even a cursory glance indicates Intel isn’t majorly concerned about being competitive on the pricing. The Intel Comet Lake Core i9 10900, for example, is way more expensive than its equivalent AMD Ryzen 9 3900X. Incidentally, the Intel CPU isn’t even unlocked for overclocking. If that’s not enough, the competing AMD Ryzen desktop CPU has already seen its prices being discounted by anywhere between $50 and $60 on leading eCommerce websites.

Interestingly, CPU buyers and serious personal computer builders who are interested in the higher-end Intel Core i9 10900K variant will have to contend with a $60 premium. This means the final retail price of the top-end Intel Comet Lake desktop-grade CPU comes to around $550. Incidentally, the Intel Core i9 10900K comes with powerful 10 Cores and 20 Threads, features a higher Base Clock of 2.80, Boost Clock of 5.2Ghz, and sports 20 MB of cache. Although the high-end Intel CPU can also be overclocked, it falls quite short in terms of price competitiveness. Additionally, the CPU’s Boost Clock PL2 TDP is reportedly more than 220W.

If the Intel Core i9 10900K isn’t attractive in terms of pricing, the 10700K and the 10700 also don’t look competitive against AMD 3800X and the 3700X. The AMD 3700X currently costs about $300, and the AMD 3800X retails for about $340.

The retail prices of the latest Intel 10th Gen Comet Lake desktop CPUs are certainly on the higher side. Moreover, they might not turn out to be accurate and should be considered as merely indicative of the price range. Still, these indicative prices aren’t doing the upcoming Intel CPUs any favor against AMD’s steady onslaught with the Ryzen and Threadripper Series of processors.

CPUs that traditionally offer fewer platform features, less efficiency, and in many cases lower performance, are usually priced quite attractively to pull buyers. However, Intel appears to be quite confident about the slightly better single-threaded performance and typically better gaming performance of its desktop-grade CPUs attracting buyers despite the higher price range.

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