The Problem With Intel Seems To Be Its CEO Brian Krzanich

Here Is What He Has Done So Far

Computex 2018 was just painful when it came to what Intel had to show and while Intel is trying to figure things out AMD is getting all the traction that it needs. It seems that the problem with Intel is the lack of leadership. CEO Brian Krzanich is not really doing a great job. The following are a list of things that he has done wrong, ever since he took the position.

He backed the bullies against the harassed female developer in Gamergate and then publicly castigated and fired one of the top performing female CMOs in the business. She was later replaced with a guy who was relatively unqualified for the job and was fired later on as well.

CEO Brian Krzanich laid off thousands of employees of the company while giving himself a $3.4M raise to $14.6M after claiming he was underpaid. While CEOs are known for making a lot of money I am pretty sure that $3.4 Million is considered a lot of money, even by CEO standards.

Another move that he made was gutting the microprocessor organizations and shifting resources to things like driverless cars and drone. While exploring other areas of opportunity is not a bad thing but a company that makes CPUs at the end of the day should be focusing on making CPUs above all else.

CEO Brian Krzanich put himself in a TV show on makers, which later on turned out to be a failure. After figuring that out he pulled the plug on the maker effort altogether. He killed the Intel Developer conference which shifted developers to ARM. Something that a chip manufacturer never wants to do.

Last but not the least we have the Spectre and Meltdown situation where he notified the Chinese long before he notified the U.S. about the major security problem with Intel parts; sold every Intel share he could legally sell while still remaining CEO after he knew of the problem but before it was disclosed.

These are all the things that we know of and we also saw what happened at E3 2018, there Intel tried to mislead the audience in a tech demo.

Let us know what you think about the direction where Intel is headed and whether or not you think CEO Brian Krzanich is the problem.

Talha Amjad
Talha has been in the tech industry for the last 6 years and is a current member of the PC master race.