Intel Cascade Lake Xeon Gold 6230 Spotted, 2 CPUs Add Up To 40 Cores And 80 Threads

Could Replace Xeon Gold 6138

Intel Cascade might not be appealing to the general consumer because of the higher core and thread count but it is something that workstations and servers use. Xeon is not meant for the average consumer anyways. The Intel Cascade Lake Xeon Gold 6230 has been spotted in a recent GB4 benchmark and 2 CPUs add up to 40 cores and 80 threads.

It is worth noting that these CPUs have the same specs are the Xeon Gold 6138. It is possible that they will be replacing the Xeon Gold 6138. As of right now, we are not sure when these CPUs are going to be announced but if they are indeed coming out next year then they will surely be based on the 14nm process.

According to the benchmarks the 20 cores can run at 3.9 GHz but from experience, I can say that GB4 has misread the clock speeds and it is more than likely that the Cascade Lake Xeon Gold 6230 CPUs will be clocked 200 MHz higher as compared to the Xeon Gold 6138.

Cascade Lake Xeon Gold 6230
Cascade Lake Xeon Gold 6230 Benchmark

We know that Intel is having issues with the 10nm process and it is highly unlikely that 10nm chips are going to release before 2020. If the Xeon Gold 6230 will come out next year then it will most likely be based on the 14nm process as well. Which further strengthens the speculation that the clock speeds will not be as high as the benchmark reports.

The Intel Cascade Lake Xeon Gold 6230 will compete against the AMD EPYC Rome chips which will be based on the 7nm process. AMD has claimed that the chip designs are final and that they will be sampled before the end of the year. Other than that AMD EPYC Rome offers 64 cores, which is much more than what we see here.

If the upcoming Intel Cascade Lake Xeon Gold 6230 is indeed based on the 14nm process then Intel could have a hard time competing with AMD EPYC Rome chips as well as other CPUs that AMD is going to released starting next year. It is worth mentioning that the same is the case in the consumer market where AMD has already released 12nm chips and Intel is stuck with the 14nm process.

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Intel Cascade Lake Xeon Gold 6230 Spotted, 2 CPUs Add Up To 40 Cores And 80 Threads

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