Intel Cascade Lake Xeon CPUs Will Deliver Twice The AI Performance Thanks To Deep Learning Boost

New AVX Instruction Set For AI Calculations Announced

Intel Cascade Lake Xeon CPUs are the next generation of chips that are expected to come out before the end of the year. Navin Shenoy, head of the data center division, took the stage at Intel’s Data-Centric Innovation Summit and talked about how the Intel Cascade Lake Xeon CPUs will be able to deliver twice the performance as compared to the current generation of CPUs when it comes to AI.

Shenoy talked about a new AVX instruction set for AI calculations: Deep Learning Boost that will enable a significant boost in performance when it comes to the upcoming Intel Cascade Lake Xeon CPUs. He also talked about the fact that people use Intel Cascade Lake Xeon CPUs instead of AI specific chips because of the flexibility that the platform has to offer.

Shenoy mentioned that in 2017, $1 billion worth of Xeon CPUs were sold and even though these are expensive chips, this number is very impressive indeed. Intel has also introduced specialized software in order to work with Xeon CPUs. Combine that with the new Deep Learning Boost, Cascade Lake SP will have double the floating point number as compared to the current Xeon series CPUs.

It has been 20 years since Xeon CPUs were launched into the market and it is about time that Intel brought something different to the table. This might give Intel a fighting chance against AMD. AMD has already announced that the 7nm CPUs will be sampled later this year and will be released in 2019. On the other hand, Intel is not releasing a new node this year. The CPUs that are going to come out this year are going to be on the same old process.

Which process is better is debatable but it is safe to say that Intel is lagging behind. AMD Ryzen already has more cores and threads as compared to what Intel has to offer right now, so Intel is losing the core wars. Other than that Intel is also behind when it comes to the 10nm process. According to what Intel would have us believe, the 10nm based chips will be coming out in the second half of 2019.

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Intel Cascade Lake Xeon CPUs Will Deliver Twice The AI Performance Thanks To Deep Learning Boost

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