Intel Cascade Lake-SP Xeon Lineup Leaked, Xeon W-3275 Confirmed to Come With 28C/56T

Intel’s Xeon processors have been a staple for servers and workstations for a long time. The competition from both ARM and AMD has been non-existent for quite some time, but AMD’s new EPYC lineup has been a threat. AMD has confirmed that Epyc Rome will be launching in Q3 2019, so even Intel should have competing products by then.

Intel’s Cascade Lake-SP Xeon Leak

This information comes from Twitter user @momomo_us, who has been a very reliable source. Intel’s Cascade Lake-SP will succeed Skylake-SP, both built on the 14nm node. Apart from slight increases in clock speeds, the majority of the improvements will be in core counts. The following models are known so far:

  • Xeon W-3275
  • Xeon W-3265
  • Xeon W-3245
  • Xeon W-3235
  • Xeon W-3225
  • Xeon W-3223

Comparing the last gen Xeon W-2175 and the upcoming Xeon W-3275, we see similar base clock speeds but double the amount of cores on the Xeon W-3275. The Xeon W-2175 comes with 14C/28T and the upcoming Xeon W-3275 is supposed to ship with 28C/56T.

Coming to the benchmark scores, there isn’t a lot to talk about. Both the single-core score and the multi-core score are achievable on a Xeon W-2175, so the numbers are definitely on the lower side. Benchmarks on launch should show more accurate results. Cascade Lake-SP Xeon W processors will be using the massive LGA-3647 socket. TDP figures have seen an increase as well but that is because of the higher number of cores.

CPU Cores / Threads Base Clock Boost Clock Cache TDP
Xeon W-3275 28 / 56 2.5 GHz Not Known 38.5 MB L3 205W
Xeon W-3265 24 / 48 2.7 GHz Not Known 33.0 MB L3 205W
Xeon W-3245 16 / 32 3.2 GHz Not Known 22.0 MB L3 205W
Xeon W-3235 12 / 24 3.3 GHz Not Known 16.5 MB L3 180W
Xeon W-3225 8 / 16 3.7 GHz Not Known 11.0 MB L3 160W
Xeon W-3223 8 / 16 3.5 GHz Not Known 11.0 MB L3 160W

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