Intel Brings a Graphics Command Center App…But Why?

You may have come across the “Intel HD graphics” option when you right click your desktop in windows 10. It presents a stream of options that allow you to modify the display of your device. For the longest time, that archaic menu design has been completely mismatched with the up-to-date design of Windows 10. Well, intel has decided to change things up with their latest Graphics Command Center. Whether it was for a change of scenery or to add more features, Intel has made it and it is available for free on the Windows 10 store.

The Changes

The biggest change with Intel’s GCC is the UI. It looks much better and some even consider it to be easier to navigate. It’s not like the changes are skin-deep either, Intel was thinking about gamers with this new application. The app will also provide “1 click optimization” to games it recognizes being installed on systems. It will also allow users to change certain graphical aspects of games from within the app. For gamers that don’t know what advanced graphics settings are, it also provides an easy-to-understand description for each setting. This is a major change over the previous “corporate-looking” graphics controller that Intel had because it allows gamers to make better use of their onboard graphics. Though, onboard graphics brings us neatly onto an important question.

Why Did Intel Do This?

From what we understand, this application was meant to serve Intel’s own onboard graphics that are provided with their processors. That said, those onboard graphics drivers are really nothing special. Anybody who wants to play anything mildly graphic intensive will have a rough time no matter how many gimmicks are added to the driver. As for people who want to play non-graphic intensive titles, they probably won’t find much help in optimization either. There really doesn’t seem much point when you look at it from a gamers perspective.

However, when you move onto an everyday user’s view on it, things are different. The new UI is definitely refreshing and the ease of access to everything is really good. Even users who are not good with computers will be able to use it easily. It makes life just a little easier for people who often need to mess with these settings. Connecting new displays or changing them should no longer be a hassle. Looking at it from a convenience point of view, it makes a lot of sense for Intel to do this so cheers to team blue for the new app. Also, we know that Intel is working on new discrete GPUs that will be coming in the near future, so the new UI can help Intel flesh out the software side of things.


Shahzeb Nasir

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