Intel Arc A380 Hits the Shelves In China

Over a month has passed since Intel announced to launch the Arc A380 in China. However, enthusiasts and consumers were not able to purchase the A380 from their favourite retailers and online stores. Today, one of China’s biggest online electronic retailers put up the Arc A380 for purchase.

It is to be noted that the Arc A380 was first announced in China and no statement has been made regarding the global release date of this SKU. Over at, the listed price is 1299 Yuan which translates to about $192. For the Chinese market, the Arc A380 has an official MSRP of 1,030 Yuan or $153. China levies a VAT (Value Added Tax) of 13% on most goods and services so even after taxation the price should be around $173, meaning that is earning some profit (10%).

Arc A380 Pricing | 

The Arc A380 has made quite the name on recent reports and benchmarks. Surprisingly, the card performs close to NVIDIA’s GTX 1650 while consuming less power if you overclock it slightly. The official MSRP for the market outside China is around $130-140 (Gamer’s Nexus). 

Intel’s leaked lineup for the Arc A series


As of now, only the Arc A380 ,the Arc A750, the Arc A770, the Arc 580, and the Arc A310 have been officially announced / leaked from an official slide. The flagship GPU, the Arc A780 ended up being cancelled in an official announcement from Ryan Shrout. As the global release draws nearer and nearer, more leaks and announcements are expected from Intel.


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