Intel Arc GPUs Run Absolutely Fine on Ryzen Based PCs Despite No Official Support From Intel

Intel’s new discrete Arc GPUs have been tested on an AMD platform and they run without a hitch, sort of.

Intel’s Arc GPUs didn’t have the best entry into the market. With the Arc A380 launching in China just a few days ago, consumers have had problems getting their hands on an Arc GPU. The cherry on the top is the fact that ReBar and various other tweaks need to be performed in order to meet the prescribed performance levels.

Intel’s Arc GPUs have a problem, they utilize ReBar extremely well which although being weird to say, should not be usual. These GPUs suffer from a major bottleneck either on the hardware or the software level, that cripples the performance without the use of ReBar, thus making it a necessity.

The official requirements for the Arc A GPUs from Intel state that these GPUs support only Intel based platforms, namely the 10th,11th,12th gen as of now. Support for other CPUs will be added later. A line specifically for the use of ReBar has been added indicating its importance.

Official requirements for the Arc GPUs | Intel

In contrast to Intel’s stated requirements, a manufacturer namely GUNNIR provides support for Ryzen based CPUs. Maybe Intel doesn’t trust it’s Arc GPUs that much.

So, “How does it perform on a Ryzen platform?”. Luckily for us, Computerbase published a few performance benchmarks. The test bench features a Ryzen 5 5600X CPU paired with an Arc A380 with ReBar enabled. To our surprise, the performance is on par with an i5-12500.

Intel Arc A380 Performance | Computerbase
Intel Arc A380 Performance | Computerbase

So it seems as if the only problems with the Arc GPUs are that they suffer in DX 11, ReBar also must be enabled and in order to get comparable performance overclocking is a requirement.

These tests show promising results because Ryzen doesn’t really suffer many performance hits as was thought. However, some games such as Dota 2 crash if ReBar is not enabled. The full review is worth reading and can be found here .

Better drivers act as the lifeline of the Arc A GPUs. If Intel fixes its core issues with the driver optimization then they can surely shake the market just as AMD did with its Polaris lineup which took on NVIDIA’s Pascal.

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