Intel ARC Desktop GPUs Roadmap Allegedly Leaked, Battlemage and “Alchemist+” Slated to Launch by 2024

Alchemist+ in H2 2023 and Battlemage GPUs in 2024 are referenced in an alleged Intel Arc Desktop Graphics roadmap that has surfaced online.

Raja Koduri has repeatedly said they are staying with their discrete GPUs and the array of desktop graphics cards. Now, folks at RedGamingTech have stumbled onto a pretty authentic-looking roadmap that covers Intel’s upcoming 2023 and 2024 desktop GPUs. The roadmap is very current since it includes all of the Alchemist SKUs that have already been launched, as well as those that are yet to be.


There may be truth to recent rumors about a revamp for the Alchemist GPUs following the concerns around it. According to the leaked roadmap, the new lineup will be known as the “Alchemist+ family,” and it will feature two GPU SKUs: the ACM+ G21 and the ACM+ G20. The ACM+ G20 series will target entry-level designs with 75-100W discrete graphics products, while the ACM+ G21 will aim for high-end graphics cards with a TDP rating of 175-225W.

Within the current Arc Alchemist graphics card range, Intel also intends to introduce two mid-tier SKUs targeted at the 150W market. According to reports, both GPUs will have 6GB of memory and be aimed at performance and general needs. Just so you know, Intel still needs to release the Arc A580 GPU for desktop computers. 

Intel Battlemage Lineup

With the release of two powerful GPUs targeted at the enthusiast dGPU category, Intel intends to make a significant splash next year. The Xe2 dGPU architecture will be used by these two GPUs, which will be included in the Battlemage lineup. According to the roadmap, the early Battlemage GPU reveal is scheduled for Q1 2024, and the first GPUs should start to arrive in the middle of 2024.

The enthusiast-level BMG-G10 GPU will ship with a TDP of around 225W in the Arc B-Series ‘Battlemage’ portfolio, while the BMG-G21 GPU will target the performance category with TDP designs of about 150W. RedGamingTech’s second presentation for displays the following technologies in Battlemage Xe2-HPG Discrete graphics:

Intel Arc Battlemage

The series will have “next-gen” machine learning-based rendering technology, better ray tracing acceleration, and improved microarchitecture. The Xe2-HPG will target the performance and enthusiast gaming niche, according to the presentation. The roadmap may need to be updated, as was already indicated, but it was always the intention to introduce the Battlemage by 2024.


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