Intel Arc A-Series GPU Pricing Leaks Out, Arc A770 Flagship Priced at Less Than $400

Wccftech recently shared a slide from Intel’s presentation which took place in Taiwan

The slide allegedly leaks out many of GPUs of the Intel’s upcoming Arc series. According to the slide, the Intel Arc A770 is set to compete with NVIDIA’s RTX 3060 Ti and AMD’s RX 6650 XT while being placed in the sub $400 category of GPUs. This SKU has a TDP of about 225W, showing that it uses slightly more power than the aforementioned 3060 Ti and RX 6650 XT, which have a TDP of 200W and 180W, respectively. 

The next GPU from Intel’s Arc series, the Arc A750 will challenge NVIDIA’s RTX 3060 and AMD’s RX 6600. The positioning in the slide shows that Intel’s Arc GPUs will be priced slightly lower than NVIDIA’s and AMD’s GPUs (sub $350 market). It is important to note that the A750 will ship with 8 GB of VRAM instead of the previously leaked 12 GB. As for the power consumption, it notably consumes more power than its competitors, however, the pricing may make the difference for most.

Intel’s leaked slide | Wccftech

As a reply to NVIDIA’s RTX 3050 for the budget segment of the market, Intel will launch the Arc A580 containing 8 GB of VRAM which as shown in the slide easily beats out AMD’s RDNA 2 based 6500 XT, although it does consume 1.7x more power. The pricing shows that it’ll be placed at a comfortable spot between the 3050’s $249 MSRP and the 6500 XT’s $199 MSRP.

For the budget GPU market, Intel places its Arc A380 somewhere between the RX 6400 and the 1650. This SKU has already been launched in China and a global release is coming closer every day. Being priced between $130 and $140 (Source: GamersNexus), it will pose a threat to both AMD and NVIDIA for the budget market. 

To make matters worse for NVIDIA and AMD, Intel’s Arc A310 is present in the sub $100 category trading blows with the ancient GTX 1050 Ti. It’s been years since we saw a mainstream GPU being priced this low. With such prices, Intel seeks to take over the budget GPU market in the same fashion as it took over the budget CPU market with its Alder Lake CPUs. It will be interesting to see how NVIDIA and AMD reply to this.After all, this will have a net-positive impact on the consumers. 

Intel’s proposed DG2 lineup. Source : Intel

With respect to the above chart, Intel seems to be hiding an SKU that is on par with the RTX 3070 and the RX 6700 XT. If we take a look at the allegedly leaked SKUs from Intel’s Arc lineup, we will see Intel’s flagship GPU from the Alchemist series namely the Arc A780 which has not been spotted publicly yet. Taking in account the fact the Arc A770 is priced below $399, it is safe to assume Intel’s first flagship GPU will be priced between $400 and $499.

Intel’s leaked lineup for the Arc series

Intel seems to be pushing harder into the GPU market as each day passes. If they fix their driver issues, then it wont be long until we see Intel take a significant share of the GPU market. Besides the leap in performance, Intel is also launching its XeSS upscaling technology similar to NVIDIA’s DLSS. However, NVIDIA and AMD are also preparing their next gen GPUs which will be a serious challenge for Intel. In the end, all such competition always proves to be fruitful for the consumers. 


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