Intel Arc A GPUs Reportedly Delayed, Confirmed By Roadmaps

Intel’s Arc A GPUs have been aiming to revolutionize the GPU market. With an official launch date of Q1 2022, these GPUs have gone through various ups and downs. Now its July and we still do not have any word of the global launch of these GPUs. So Intel, “What’s going on?”.

The lineup of Intel’s Arc A GPUs has changed quite a lot, with the exclusion of a possible A780. The final rumored lineup is:

Intel’s leaked slide. Source : Intel

As of now, only the Arc A380 has been launched and that too in the Chinese market. What’s worse? Gamers from China got their hands on an Arc A380 just 1-2 weeks ago due to some launch delaysRyan Shrout, from Intel’s Marketing team has showcased The Arc A750 and the Arc A770, however we still do not know when we will see these GPUs in action.

So, what is going on? To answer that Moore’s Law is Dead shared a rumoured chart from Intel. It seems as if Intel had an alleged global launch plan of July

Intel’s initial launch plans for Arc A GPUs | Moore’s Law Is Dead

The 4 SKUs (1,2,3 + 6) are :

  • SKU 1: Intel Arc A770
  • SKU 2: Intel Arc A750
  • SKU 3: Intel Arc A580
  • SKU 6: Intel Arc A380
The 4 SKUs from the initial launch | Moore’s Law Is Dead

Putting fuel to the fire, a few AIB vendors were contacted by Moore’s Law Is Dead to discuss the ‘custom’ models of the Arc A380. The AIB partners replied that the GPUs are ready, and will be listed in a few weeks. However, the supply remains a question mark. Intel messed up big time here, firstly, where is the ‘July’ launch date. And secondly, your AIB partners are in shambles in regards to the availability for just a single GPU (Arc A380).

Intel Arc A5 and A7 desktop cards will start to ship in Q3. Our energy-efficient blockchain accelerator Blockscale achieved a major milestone in Q2 with revenue shipments to our lead customers, going from tape-in to shipping in less than a year. We expect to ship millions of units this year, not originally in our forecast.

Intel’s CEO, Pat Gelsinger

Q3 2022 is July 1September 30, so we still have around 2 months to see if Intel can keep up its promise. Personally, I believe that miscommunication will lead to a massive damage to their reputation.

Another slide shows 5 possible AIB partners for what seems to be the Arc A380. As of now, only two vendors produce custom Arc A380 GPUs (ASRock and GUNNIR). The other 3 are still unknown.

Intel Arc A380’s AIB Partners | Moore’s Law Is Dead

The fact that Intel has overpromised is not hidden from anyone. They knew exactly what they were dealing with, and actions should have been taken accordingly. However, not all is lost. This is just the initial launch of the Arc GPUs. Who knows? Maybe in a few years time, NVIDIA will be seriously challenged by Intel’s 4th iteration. Maybe Intel will become the AMD from 2016-17 with its Polaris lineup.



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