Intel Arc Series May Get Cancelled According to Insider

YouTube sensation Moore’s Law is Dead  (MLID) says that Intel insiders generally believe that Arc GPUs, which debuted this year with Alchemist models, won’t last for very long.

More specifically, MLID cites a source at the executive level who quite bluntly asserts that Arc is “done” and a different source who only states that Intel is discontinuing their Arc discrete efforts

Intel was quick to jump on the defence and reassure us that Arc graphics cards are very much here to stay and that work had already started on second-generation Battlemage GPUs, full-speed ahead style, when we heard recent reports that Intel could discontinue its standalone Arc project.

MLID does point out that a source spoke lately about Battlemage advancing, but that Intel was considering producing only entry-level graphics cards rather than a whole line like it did with Alchemist (A7, A5, A3) (which would be B3).However the prediction has now become obselete given that new sources suggest that Intel is planning completely disband the Arc project.


Recall that Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger recently predicted that the company’s performance would likely deteriorate before improving and that additional measures will be made to reduce Team Blue’s product line. If this story is true, getting rid of Arc GPUs may be a part of that streamlining.

Given the general challenging financial straits the company is currently navigating, Intel just can’t afford to finance a segment that it believes won’t bring the company money for too many years, according to MLID.

Let’s hope that this isn’t the case, but if Arc does continue, it sounds like it will most likely take a lot more limited form than the broader intentions for a full lineup of laptop and desktop GPUs as proposed with Alchemist.


Muhammad Zuhair

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