Intel Teases Arc Alchemist Laptop GPUs as March 30th Launch Event Inches Closer

After months upon months of patient waiting and speculation, Intel is finally days away from unveiling its first-ever discrete graphics solution on March 30th. Intel’s Arc Alchemist series of GPUs is set to enter the market and shake it up in a big way by challenging the established players. Even though Intel is developing both laptop and desktop GPUs, we will see Arc Alchemist debut first on mobile and it couldn’t be any sooner.

Intel has already announced and confirmed the date for the launch event and as the days inch closer to the final reveal, the company has just put out the first official teaser featuring Arc Alchemist-powered laptops. The six-second video was posted by Intel’s Twitter account dedicated to Intel Graphics, and features a lid-closed laptop in extremely dim lighting getting slightly brighter. It’s subtle, it’s weird, it’s exciting? Take a look.

Arc Alchemist is coming

Supposedly, the laptop seen in the teaser is one that features Intel Arc A300M graphics, the low-end Arc Alchemist GPU series meant for thin and light notebooks. We don’t know anything about this laptop in particular, or what exact SKU it has inside as Intel is said to launch (at least) two different A300M GPUs: the A350M and the A370M, both based on “SOC 2” or the DG2-128 die. These are aimed at more efficient workloads and probably won’t play demanding games at respectable frame rates.

Previous leaks surrounding Arc Alchemist mobile have shown that higher-end SKUs are in development, notably the Arc A500 and A700 series which will be marketed towards gamers and pack in better performance. Furthermore, we’ve seen Arc mobile GPUs running alongside Intel’s 12th Gen Alder Lake mobile processors—it’s safe to say Intel will also have its own version of AMD’s Smart Access Memory tech or something similar where an Intel CPU + GPU combo will offer an advantage and/or perform better together.

The Arc Alchemist event will be held on March 30th at 8AMPacific Standard Time and Intel has made it clear that it will only feature laptop announcements. Arc Alchemist for desktop is currently scheduled for a Q2 2022 launch so the company will be focusing on getting as many Arc mobile SKUs out before that. Replying to a curious follower on Twitter, Intel also confirmed that laptops featuring Arc Alchemist graphics will launch/be available on the same date as the event.

At the moment, we know about two devices that are confirmed to ship with an Arc Alchemist mobile GPU: Acer Swift X 2022 and Samsung Book 2 Pro, the former of which leaked way back in January. More capable Arc Alchemist mobile SKUs built on “SOC 1” or the DG2-512 die will likely launch after the lower-end chips are out, before the end of the next quarter. Along with that, both SOC 1 and SOC 2 will also see their desktop variants be released in Q2 2022.


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