Intel Arc Alchemist Mobile To Debut on Acer Swift X 2022

With less than 24 hours left in Intel‘s CES conference, leaks are still piling up and giving it all away before the big show. Today’s leak essentially confirms that Intel will be debuting Arc Alchemist on laptops close to the series’ desktop release, and the first laptop to be equipped with one is from Acer.

Arc Alchemist Mobile

Videocardz got their hands on a picture of the upcoming Acer Swift X 2022 laptop. Although, no detailed specs were revealed, this machine is said to be first-ever laptop to feature Intel’s Arc Alchemist discrete graphics. Right now, the 2021 version of this same laptop comes equipped with a NVIDIA RTX 3050 Ti.

Arc Alchemist is shaping up to be a historic product for Intel as not only does it mark there debut in the discrete graphics space, but also serves as a force of rebirth in a stagnating company that seems to have moved passed innovation up until recently.

Arc Alchemist was originally thought to likely debut on desktop first, meaning fully-fledged desktop cards before we eventually see laptop versions of the same variants later down the line at the end of 2022. However, now it seems Intel might actually be planning a much more adjacent launch of both its desktop and mobile Alchemist GPUs, considering how the laptop looks ready to ship.

As for the device itself, it’s pretty standard business laptop stuff. It’s a thin notebook not meant for gaming hence the 3050 Ti. Its 2021 model comes with either Intel 11th Gen or AMD’s Ryzen 5000 mobile CPUs. More importantly, since the current-gen version has a 3050 Ti 40W SKU as the top-end config, it’s pretty safe to say that we’ll see the GPU swapped with Intel’s DG2-128EU.

Apart from the GPU difference, the Videocardz got some rough info on the device and states that there are two major discrepancies between the 2021 and 2022 models. One of those being the lack of a physical fingerprint sensor on the Swift X 2022. Secondly, the power plug has been replaced by a USB-C port, which can charge the device and provide data as well.

Lastly, Videocardz also got a picture each for the upcoming 2022 models of the Nitro, Helios, and Predator laptops. All of these along with the Acer Swift X 2022 will be seeing an official unveiling at CES 2022, tomorrow on 4th January. Intel is said to also announce the non-K Alder Lake desktop processors, Alder Lake mobile, and give us more info on Arc Alchemist.


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Intel Arc Alchemist Mobile To Debut on Acer Swift X 2022

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