It’s Official: Intel Will Announce its Arc Alchemist GPUs for Laptops on March 30th

It’s been more than 6 months since Intel gave its first-ever discrete family of GPUs a proper name and announced that the company had something serious planned for this time. Arc Alchemist, Intel’s debut foray into the realm of discrete mobile and desktop graphics is an attempt at competing with the big dogs while cementing its name as a genuine competitor in this duopolistic market.

Since then, there have been countless reports, rumors, and leaks surrounding Arc Alchemist giving us everything from the exact SKUs Intel is working on to many potential release dates. Intel itself promised a Q1 2022 launch for at least one part of Arc Alchemist and with March already halfway through, it was looking bleak for any announcement to happen, but it seems that Intel is a man company of its word.

Arc Alchemist Mobile is launching on time

Today, Intel finally confirmed that it would, in fact, launch the Arc Alchemist in the first quarter of the year, and as previous reports suggested, the mobile version is up first. Intel has set up a new webpage dedicated to the launch of its upcoming Arc Alchemist laptop GPUs. The webpage is currently teasing an event for the official announcement of Alchemist mobile.

Intel’s new webpage teasing Arc Alchemist for laptops | Intel

The website reads “A New Stage of the Game” below which is states a time and date for the official unveiling of Arc Alchemist for laptops. From this, we now know that the reveal event will be held on March 30th at 8 AM PT where Intel will give us the first glimpse of Arc Alchemist looks like for mobile devices.


Through various leaks, we’ve already known that Intel was planning on debuting Arc Alchemist on mobile first before releasing the desktop counterpart later in the year. However, this rumor was somewhat challenged by contradictory reports that claimed that desktop Alchemist will launch first. Now, it’s official that we’ll get to see Intel’s efforts on laptops before we see what they’ve got cooking on the desktop side of things.

The launch SKUs and their performance

We’ve already covered all Arc Alchemist SKUs in detail many times before. In this article, I went over all the mobile SKUs that have leaked so far including the top-of-the-line DG2-512EU all the way down to DG2-128EU. Just to give you guys a reminder, Intel will launch at least five Arc Alchemist mobile SKUs in total with current rumors suggesting that the company would start from the bottom and release the low-end GPUs first.

Intel Arc Alchemist mobile leaked memory configuration | Videocardz

Acer Swift X 2022 was already leaked to come with an Arc Alchemist GPU back in January of this year, and the reports even suggested that it would feature the DG2-128EU GPU which certainly looks to be the case right now. With lower-end SKUs being launched first, Intel will target thin and light notebooks before moving on to the performance segment.

Intel Arc A370M

A few hours after this announcement, Lisa Pearce, Vice President and General Manager for the Visual Compute Group at Intel, sat down and gave an interview going over a Arc Alchemist mobile. While she didn’t talk about anything new per se, the most notable thing to come out of the interview was a question that confirmed what the very first Arc Alchemist GPU would be and Lisa’s answer tells us the kind of performance we can expect out of it.

Question #2: What performance can we expect from the first product to make it to market, the Intel Arc A370M?

The first Intel Arc discrete graphics products to enter the mobile market will enable up to a 2X improvement in graphics performance vs. integrated graphics alone while maintaining similar form factors.1 This is the first time you’ll find verified Intel® Evo™ designs with discrete graphics able to maintain the experience standards of that program thanks to Intel Deep Link technology, like Power Share. After that, you’ll see higher performance configs of Intel Arc graphics for both notebook and desktop designs that raise performance levels for gamers and creators. More details and exact specs will be shared soon.

As you can see above, Intel name drops “Intel Arc A370M“, the long-rumored name for one of the lower-end GPUs based on the DG2-128 silicon. This GPU in particular is rumored to carry 4GB of GDDR6X memory and 1024 cores along with 128 Execution Units. That memory runs across a 64-bit wide bus interface at 14Gbps. Acer Germany has already confirmed that their Swift X 2022 laptop will offer a config with the Intel Arc A370M.

Apart from this, there’s also the Arc A350M and A330M, both based on the same DG2-128 die that Intel might announce at its March 30th event but not release right away. DG2-128 is also known as “SOC 2” and is aimed at only low-powered thin and light laptops whereas “SOC 1” or DG2-512 is more geared towards performance and mainstream hardware that Intel will launch later.

Intel also has an upcoming appearance at this year’s Game Developers Conference where it’s expected to bring some more news on Arc Alchemist, now whether this will be an update on the other mobile SKUs that will launch soon or Arc Alchemist desktop, or maybe even both(!) remains yet to be seen. The company has just recently confirmed that it’s eyeing a Q2 launch for Arc Alchemist desktop which means it won’t be long before we finally get our first official look at that.

Intel Arc Alchemist release windows for 2022 | Intel

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