Intel Arc Alchemist Mobile Lineup Leaked in New Spec Sheet, Fives SKUs With Different Memory Configs

Intel‘s upcoming Arc Alchemist series of GPUs has been in the works for years and is shaping up to be a highly-anticipated launch. Details on the exact models are still scarce, officially, at least as Intel is keeping them under wraps till right before the launch when the pre-orders go live. Apart from discrete desktop GPUs, Arc Alchemist will also make its way over to laptops. While we have several reports on that from leakers abound, today we finally have our first concrete leak and it’s coming essentially from Intel itself.

Well, technically. Twitter user HXL (@9950pro) was able to get their hands on a leaked slide showing off the memory configs of Arc Alchemist mobile GPUs. The slide appears official, therefore technically from Intel. The slide is titled “DG2 Graphics Memory Configuration” and shows five different SKUs, all featuring different memory specifications. The stub of the table reads “DG2 NB SKU” which confirms these are notebook SKUs (hence the “NB“). 

SKU1 (DG2-512)

In the chart attached at the end, the fives SKUs are labeled numerically, so SKU1, SKU2, and so on. The first GPU in line is SKU1 rocking 512 Executions Units and is based on the DG2-512 GPU. The chart tells us that it has eight 2GB memory modules, giving us a total of 16GB of GDDR6 memory across a 256-bit bus interface. The memory speed is 16Gbps which is similar to the 16-18Gbps speculated for the desktop version of this GPU. 

In turn, the card obtains a maximum memory bandwidth of 512 GB/s, just like the RTX 3080 Ti mobile. Moreover, the I/O voltage chip is rated for 1.35V and it will rely on a Type-3/Type 4 12-layer PCB design. Plus, SKU1 is using the entire DG2-512 GPU die which means it will take advantage of every last millimeter-square of that silicone. These specs put in the same echelon as the RTX 3080 (Ti) mobile GPU so expect performance to be on the same level. 

SKU2 (DG2-512)

Moving on, we have SKU2 with 384 Execution Units. This is actually based on the same DG2-512, but a cut-down version of it that uses only part of the full die. For this one, the memory gets slashed down to just 12GB from 16GB, which means there are only six 2GB GDDR6 memory modules on board. The bus width also is reduced to 192-bit but the speed remains the same at 16Gbps, giving the GPU a maximum bandwidth of 384 GB/s. Same I/O voltage at 1.35V but SKU2 is limited to only a Type-3 12-layer PCB.

SKU3 (DG2-512)

Then, there’s SKU3 equipped with 256 Execution Units, once again based on the same DG2-512 die but cut down severely. We see only 4 memory modules here as this variant has 8GB of GDDR6 VRAM across a 128-bit bus interface. The memory speed is the same as the past two SKUs at 16Gbps but due to less memory capacity and a much smaller bus width, the total bandwidth is only 256 GB/s here. The PCB also gets downgraded to 10-layer Type-3 PCB, but we see the same 1.35V I/O voltage rating. 

SKU4 and SKU5 (DG2-128)

Finally, moving on to SKU4 and SKU5, these two are based on the DG2-128 GPU which means these two aren’t just cut-down versions of DG2-512. SKU4 features 128 Execution Units as it features the full die, whereas SKU5 gets cut down to just 96 Execution Units. Rest of the memory configurations run same across both SKUs. Only 2 memory modules are to be seen as these SKUs only have 4GB of GDDR6 memory.

That memory is running across a measly 64-bit wide bus interface at 14Gbps. So, the memory bandwidth is the lowest here at just 112 GB/s. The I/O voltage also gets a downgrade to 1.25V with the PCB also being changed to an 8-layer Type-3 design. We currently expect these SKUs to have a TDP of around 35W so they don’t need much power as they’ll likely populate entry-level gaming laptops.

Intel Arc Alchemist mobile SKUs memory specifications | @9550pro

Strangely enough, the long-rumored 448 Execution Unit SKU is out of sight so I guess that’s not coming to mobile anymore. However, it’s still going to make its way to the desktop release. In fact, we expect all of these SKUs to come over to desktop in one way or another. The top-end DG2-512EU variant should compete with the RTX 3070 (Ti) once it does release.

With that, now we know every single Arc Alchemist mobile GPU that will be released later Q1 2022. As things stand right now, Intel will launch Alchemist mobile GPUs before bringing discrete desktop graphics cards to market. Currently, there’s no release date in sight but we should see them at least announced before this quarter ends.

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Intel Arc Alchemist Mobile Lineup Leaked in New Spec Sheet, Fives SKUs With Different Memory Configs

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