Intel Arc Alchemist DG2-128EU Entry-Level GPU Allegededly Pictured With 6GB of Memory

Intel‘s Arc Alchemist graphic cards aren’t supposed to launch until next year but we’ve already got a plethora of leaks about them. Just a few days ago, Moore’s Law is Dead claimed that Alchemist will feature three SKUs at launch, a flagship 512 EU model, a midrange 384/448 EU model, and a low-end 128 EU model. Today, we allegedly have our first real-life look at the last one of those models, the DG2-128EU.

To be clear, Intel has already shown us the actual DG2-512 EU and DG2-128EU GPU, but only in renders used as part of the marketing material. However, today’s leak comes from Chiphell user Vermicelli who has allegedly posted a real-life picture of the GPU die. The picture shows the DG2-128EU GPU up-close and gives us an idea of what the card entails.

Alleged DG2-128EU GPU – Green represents the memory modules, blue represents the main GPU die | Vermicelli on Chiphell

Firstly, we can see that the GPU package is arranged a bit strangely with the main GPU die off to the bottom left side, surrounded by three memory modules superimposed in green. DG2-128EU will ship with GDDR6 memory and GDDR6 comes in 2GB modules. So, if we do some rocket science here, 2*3 equals to 6, therefore the user claims that the card features 6GB of VRAM.

To achieve that 6GB memory, the card will have to make use of a 96-bit interface and it looks like that’s exactly what’s happening. Locuza did a detailed breakdown of the GPU and revealed that the card is using one 64-bit and one 32-bit memory controller to achieve a total of 96 bits on the memory bus.

DG2-128EU die shot | Locuza

The mobile version of this same card that leaked earlier had only two memory modules next to the GPU. Which means that card might run on only a 64-bit or 128-bit bus on its mobile variant. This also implies the possibility of DG2-128EU likely having two models, one with 6GB memory and the other with either 3 or 4GB, similar to the GTX 1060.

DG2-128EU Mobile GPU vs DG2-128EU Desktop GPU | Igor’sLAB, Videocardz, Chiphell

Vermicelli also says that the card has a TDP of 65W which is even lower than the previously reported ~75W maximum output. This confirms that the card will be powered off just the PCIe slot. The picture provided by the user is obviously quite blurry, perhaps intentionally so to protect the source’s anonymity. But, they did superimpose the memory modules and the die for us to make it easier to identify and distinguish them.

Lastly, the user mentions that the PCB of DG2-128EU is quite short and will allow the card to easily fit in ITX systems. Considering the card has a TDP of <75W, we can expect low-profile variants of it to be quite popular in OEM systems. All of the information here is, again, coming from an unofficial source so a grain of salt is due. Although, the picture shown here does seem to match many other reports which could mean that it’s credible.

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