Intel Arc A770 and A750 to Feature 16 GB and 8 GB of VRAM Respectively

Intel officially confirms the memory specification of its Intel Arc A7 SKUs.

An event under the name of Intel Xe-HPG was conducted over the course of a few weeks where fans had the opportunity to find hidden information and easter eggs on Intel’s social media platforms. The prices for the winners have just been announced.

As per the announcements the prices including the Arc A770 will be shipped with a massive 16 GB of VRAM and the Arc A750 will consist of 8 GB of VRAM. These GPUs were tested by various YouTubers in the past weeks.

Giveaway of A770 and A750 | Intel

In contrast, Intel’s leaked slide states otherwise where the Arc A770 has two variants, one with 8 GB of VRAM and the other with 16 GB of VRAM. It seems as if this is the final lineup as Intel clearly refuted the existence of an Arc A780.

Keeping the same slide in view, the Arc A770 is supposedly going to have an MSRP of under $400 while the Arc 750 lies somewhere within $330 and $280.

Leaked slide of the Arc GPUs | Intel

These Arc GPUs have had their fair share of launch problems with the release date being pushed back every few months. However, Intel clarified its position and is looking forward towards the launch of these new SKUs.

Intel’s hope for the future | Intel

The following list shows the leaked specifications of the Arc A GPUs.

Intel’s alleged specifications of the Arc A GPUs
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