Intel Arc A770 and A750 To Launch Together & Extremely Soon

Intel’s Arc A series with everything that it has gone through is finally seeing the light of day ‘very soon’. An interview between PC Games Hardware , Digital Foundry and Intel has now confirmed that Arc’s initial launch lineup will consist of two GPUs:

  • Intel Arc A770
  • Intel Arc A750

Performance Targets

Intel Arc’s flagship, the Arc A770 is aimed at the RTX 3060RTX 3060 Ti and the RX 6600XT from AMD. That’s a huge target for a 1st Gen GPU. It is now official that team blue isn’t aiming for ~3070 level performance from their top-notch Arc A GPUs. 

Intel’s leaked slide. Source : Intel via Wccftech

The Kingpin

Intel stated that the A770 ships with 2 configurations, one with 16GB of VRAM and the other with 8GB. The ‘Limited Edition’ model is powered by 16GB of G6 memory, although it is up to the AIB partners to decide on an 8GB model. The choice is theirs!

Intel Arc A770 Fan Design | Intel

Launch Plans

After a painfully long wait, Intel finally stated that Arc GPUs will launch ‘very soon’ although in select countries. The ‘Limited Edition‘ variants will be available for purchase on their website. Still, it is still not sure which AIB partners are to manufacture these Arc GPUs. 

Performance Concerns

Intel outright stated that since Arc still suffers from early software related issues, users on older platforms are suggested to stick with other vendors (NVIDIA and AMD). ReBar helps Arc significantly because the architecture is better at transferring large amounts of data, which coincidentally means that they lag behind others at small data tranfer. 

This leads to a 40% decrement in performance without ReBar. The worst part? An architectural redesign is necessary to overcome such issues. 

An Apology

Maybe launching the A380 in China was not the best idea. Luckily for us, Intel thinks the same as well. The launch hesitation was not due to supply constraints, but due to Intel not being ready for a global launch. We can expect Arc to launch in the upcoming few weeks. 


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