Intel Accidentally Showcases 34 Core Sapphire Rapids CPU During The Innovation Event

Intel at their Innovation Event announced their upcoming Raptor Lake CPUs. You can read more about that here. Similarly, Intel accidentally showcased a Raptor Lake die, which on further inspection by Paul Acron from Tom’s Hardware and Ian Cutress turned out to be a 34 core CPU.

Intel had wafers for their 13th gen CPUs on display. Paul Acron and Ian Cutress at first sight realized that these wafers were larger than the Raptor Lake dies they’ve seen. Only to realize that Intel accidentally had a few unreleased CPUs at their booth. 

Paul states that these CPUs are not your average Raptor Lake wafers. The cores are not aligned horizontally as is the case with Raptor Lake’s design.

Intel Raptor Lake Die Configuration | Intel via Tom’s Hardware

In addition, the 34 cores are interconnected in a mesh formation and not in a ring bus design as we see with Raptor Lake. To sum it up, Paul mentions that this is most likely the Sapphire Rapids HEDT MCC die.

Skyjuice on Twitter shared a mock-up of this wafer along with the specifications. The unnamed Sapphire Rapids 34 cored CPU ships with 68MB of L2 cache along with 63.75MB of L3 cache. In addition, we see 8 DDR5 memory controllers and up to 80 PCIe Gen 5 lanes. The CPU features a monolithic design on the Intel 7 (10nm) process. The die spans across an area of 780mmΒ² making it Intel’s largest die ever. 

Intel Raptor Lake 34 Cored CPU Label | Tom’s Hardware


This is a major leak for Intel’s upcoming HEDT lineup. However, we are not expected to see these CPUs in action by atleast 2023. Sapphire Rapids goes up to a max of 56 cores and 112 threads, so this most likely is a budget-entry level server CPU. Intel’s Sapphire Rapids will compete against AMD’s Milan. However, team blue is late to the party as AMD’s next-gen Genoa is just around the corner.  

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