People Are Pissed At The Intel 28 Core CPU PR Stunt

Here Is What They Have To Say

At Computex 2018 an Intel 28 Core CPU was shown off that was able to run at 5 Ghz. While that seemed to be the case then, it was later revealed that the CPU was not a new one and was using industrial cooling in order to keep the CPU at -10C. That is how Intel was able to get to 5 GHz for a few seconds on 28 cores.

Fans have been misled and they are pissed to say the very least. People took to Reddit in order to voice their concerns regarding the matter and the following is what some of them had to say about the Intel 28 Core CPU PR stunt.

According to MrGhost370:

Intel needs a server CPU to compete with TR. Paired with an air conditioner where as TR2 comes with an air cooler. Tell me more about the $10000 cost on this chip. Seriously though a Xeon Platinum on a 32 phase power delivery with exotic cooling and probably drawings close to 1.2kw… pretty bad PR stunt…Intel is shook. Again.

zhandri had the following to say:

well, it’ll be interesting to see how they wanna launch this in Q4. Boxed version coming with a fridge?

According to Rivox:

I’m expecting a 2.7GHz base chip with a single core turbo boost of 4.0GHz tops, around 230-250W of TDP. Intel will probably then say that, since it’s unlocked you can push it to 5GHz and therefore they were technically right and leave it to that. I’m expecting at least 4000$ of MSRP, with a few other processors in the middle (20, 22, 24, 26 cores, probably going for 2000, 2500, 3000 and 3500$ respectively).

While this is an interesting observation the Reddit user further went on to comment:

How could Intel possibly compete in any way shape or form with ThreadRipper when AMD can sell a 32 cores CPU lower than their 18 cores?

This is indeed a very interesting matter. AMD has been able to provide better value per core as compared to Intel and AMD as of right now seems to have a huge lead. We know for sure that Intel does not have anything new at the moment and that the PR stunt of a demo was a final minute move in order to try and make a point. We have seen how horribly wrong that went and Intel even pulled the demo from the floors of Computex 2018.

According to Wallofwillow:

What Intel did was not only beyond stupid but such a bold-faced lie I’m surprised the tech media wasn’t skeptical right from the very beginning. I knew it was bullshit when they announced it before the confirmations about it being bullshit came in.

Long story short, the Intel 28 Core CPU PR stunt did not work and people know about it. We have yet to hear from Intel regarding the matter and it is safe to say that the company has some serious explaining to do.

Let us know what you think about the Intel 28 Core CPU PR stunt and whether or not you agree with what Intel tried to pull off.

Talha Amjad
Talha has been in the tech industry for the last 6 years and is a current member of the PC master race.