Intel 14th Generation ‘Meteor Lake’ CPUs to Use the New ‘Redwood Cove’ and ‘Crestmont’ Microarchitecture

Intel’s latest architecture of CPUs features small efficient and large performance cores. With every generation, these two Microarchitectures are expected to improve. 13th gen namely ‘Raptor Lake’ features no massive increment over ‘Alder Lake‘ architecturally, however, ‘Meteor Lake‘ has massive improvements as it uses a completely new architecture.

Rumours started spreading regarding this change in architecture back in 2020 by Moore’s Law Is Dead. With the help of Microsoft Perfmon logs, this rumour is finally getting its confirmation .

Intel Meteor Lake Featuring A New Architecture | @InstLatX64

According to @InstLatX64 , Meteor Lake allegedly uses the Redwood cove architecture for its larger performance cores whereas the Crestmont architecture is used for the smaller more efficient cores. This new generation will be the first to use the Intel 4 process.

The Meteor Lake CPUs will also feature the new Xe-HPG graphics architecture with increased core counts having up to 192 Execution Units. This will enhance the performance offered by Intel’s iGPUs in an attempt to make them on-par with AMD’s G-series processors.

As expected, after every two generatiopns, Intel requires a new socket. The same pattern follows with the new Meteor lake as it will require you to purchase a new LGA 1851 socket compatible motherboard. As of now, neither has a release date been revealed and nor should you expect these CPUs anytime before 2023


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