Intel 13th Generation CPUs and Z790 Motherboards Rumoured To Launch On 17th October.

The release date of Intel’s Raptor Lake CPUs and 700 series of Motherboards has been leaked by Enthusiast Citizen.

As per the rumours, Intel plans to reveal its 13th gen CPUs on 28th September during its innovation event. Intel is expected to disclose the specifications of these SKUs along with the pricing.

In a similar fashion, the expected launch date of these CPUs and the flagship Z790 Motherboards is 17th October.

For the budget segment of the market, the non-K SKUs from Raptor lake and mid range motherboards namely the H770 and B760 will be announced in CES 2023. This event reportedly takes place on 5th January, 2023.

Raptor Lake Release Date | ECSM_Official

With these leaks, Raptor Lake will arrive almost 1 year after Alder Lake. The 12th generation of CPUs was announced on October 27th, but the CPUs were not available for the public until 4th November, 2021. AMD may release its Zen 4 about 2 weeks earlier as compared to Intel. 

In the past week, all of Intel’s K-series SKUs were leaked in an attempt to show their relative performance against Zen 3 and Alder Lake and to our surprise, they flew past anything put against them. A series of articles listing the benchmarks of the K-CPUs are as follows

Graphs showing the relative performance of these CPUs are present below:

Single-Core Benchmarks of Raptor Lake
Multi-Core Benchmarks of Raptor Lake

As presented above, Raptor Lake does pack a punch trading blows with almost every competitor in the market. It seems as if Intel is trying its best to usurp AMD’s efficiency and multi tasking throne. 



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