Intel 12th-Gen Xe Graphics Within Upcoming Tiger Lake-U Mobility APUs To Be Branded As ‘Iris’ Indicates Leaked SiSoftware Benchmark

Intel appears to have gone with its popular and time-tested brand name ‘Iris’ for its in-house Xe graphics. The Intel’s 12-Gen Graphics is expected to be based on its own Xe GPU. The upcoming Tiger Lake-U Series Mobility APUs should have the embedded Iris Xe GPU.

Intel’s own ‘Xe’ GPU is currently under active development, and its first iteration won’t be much powerful. However, these efficient GPUs should work well within sleek, multi-form-factor laptops, notebooks, and portable computing devices.

Leaked SiSoftware Benchmark Confirms Intel’s 12th-Gen Iris Graphics To Be Based On Xe GPU And Embedded Within Tiger Lake-U Series Mobility APUs:

The latest leak in the form of SiSoftware Benchmark results nearly confirms Intel is planning to stick with the “Iris” branding for its very own or inhouse developed Xe Graphics. The benchmark belongs to an Intel processor, and the name confirms it is Intel Tiger Lake-U processor. In simple words, the upcoming 10nm Tiger Lake-U APUs will benefit from Gen12 Graphics which will be based on the Xe GPU.

[Image Credit: SiSoftware]
The mystery GPU device, codenamed Iris Xe Graphics, features 96C Execution Units. This translates to 768 Shading Units. The GPU is rated at 1.3 GHz. Surprisingly, the GPU appears to be attached to 6.3 GB of memory. Needless to add, this is by far the best configuration for the Xe-LP graphics.

The leaked SiSoftware Benchmark results for the Tiger Lake-U Mobility APU strongly indicates the Gen12 Xe-based Iris Graphics could feature just as many cores as Intel’s DG1 platform. It has been repeatedly indicated that Intel’s Xe DG1, which stands for Discrete Graphics, will not be released for the consumer market. Hence, the Tiger Lake-U Mobility APUs would most likely be the first glimpse of the Xe graphics for consumers to experience Intel’s own GPU.

Intel To Launch 10nm Tiger Lake-U Series With Gen12 Xe-based Iris GPU Soon?

Multiple reports indicate Intel has already begun its marketing campaign for the upcoming Tiger Lake-U Series Mobility processors. It appears Intel is aiming for a ‘Summer Launch’. Meanwhile, Intel employees are reportedly intensely testing the Tiger Lake-U Series APUs, especially for their gaming performance.

The upcoming Intel APUs are clearly meant for laptops featuring low-power and ultra-thin designs. In other words, these processors will have very little thermal cooling and could be throttled to keep thermals in check and improve battery longevity. The Tiger Lake-U series is expected to have a TDP up to 28W, which is still a little higher than the earlier generations with just 15W TDP profile. Needless to add, these Intel APUs will compete directly against 7nm AMD Renoir Ryzen 4000 Series APUs with Radeon Vega GPUs.

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Intel 12th-Gen Xe Graphics Within Upcoming Tiger Lake-U Mobility APUs To Be Branded As ‘Iris’ Indicates Leaked SiSoftware Benchmark

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