Intel 12th Gen Alder Lake-S CPUs and 600-Series Motherboards With Matching LGA 1700 Socket Arriving In September Claims Leak

Intel is readying to release its 11th Gen Core series, codenamed Rocket Lake-S, early this year. These CPUs could be soon succeeded by the company’s 12th Gen Alder Lake-S processors. Incidentally, the Alder Lake-S CPUs will require a new series of motherboards with an LGA 1700 socket.

Intel’s 12th and upcoming generation of Intel Core Series CPUs are based on a hybrid architecture utilizing Golden Cove high-performance cores and Gracemont power-saving cores. They will be fabricated on the 10nm Production Process called ‘SuperFin’.

Intel Expected To Unveil Its Alder Lake-S Series in September 2021:

According to a tweet from Uniko’s Hardware, Intel is now expected to unveil its Alder Lake-S series in September. Moreover, Intel is reportedly planning to launch motherboards first and announce Alder Lake CPUs immediately afterward. Apparently, Intel could repeat the announcement schedule it adopted for its 11th Gen Core series. Buyers can preorder the Z590 motherboards, which are expected to arrive in February, but the latest CPUs that will be socketed inside them, won’t launch at least until March.

Reports now indicate Intel is going full-speed ahead with its 12th Gen Alder Lake-S processors. Officially, Intel intends to launch Alder Lake-S sometime in the second half of this year. However, a new Tweet claims the CPUs would arrive in September.

The 12th Gen Intel Core Series CPUs are quite important for Intel. Their arrival will firmly signify the archaic 14nm Fabrication process has been retired. Incidentally, Rocket Lake-S should be the last of the CPUs manufactured on the 14nm Fabrication Process. Alder Lake-S will be manufactured on the 10nm SuperFin Node.

While the adoption of the 10nm SuperFin Production Process is a sign of progress, Intel is also adopting the Hybrid Design for CPU Cores. These CPUs will, for the first time, adopt a Hybrid Design that loosely resembles ARM’s big.LITTLE Architecture. While the Alder Lake-S is firmly an x86 CPU, it does feature a design that pairs higher performance cores with smaller power-efficient cores, in the same CPU package.

Alder Lake-S CPUs Require A Completely New Series Od Motherboards and Sockets:

The 12th Gen Intel Core Series will require a new generation of motherboards, called the 600-Series. These 600-Series chipsets will have motherboards with the LGA 1700 sockets. Additionally, the Alder Lake-S CPUs will support DDR5 RAM, and also PCI Gen 5.0.

Intel’s Alder Lake has made numerous appearances online in the past few months. The top-end variant appears to have 16 Cores and 32 Threads. It sports a Base Clock of 1.8 GHz and a Boost Clock of 4 GHz. The leaked sample also featured 30MB of L3 cache and was accompanied by 32GB of DDR5-4800 memory on the testbench.

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