Intel 11th-Gen Core Series With Rocket Lake Architecture Gets New Compute Runtime With Support For Intel DG1 Discrete Graphics Card

The next major generational evolution of the Intel processors, the 11th-Gen Rocket Lake CPUs, is slowly inching towards testing, and eventual production. Intel’s software team has just released the latest Compute Runtime which includes support for Rocket Lake architecture. These new CPUs, expected to arrive next year, will be Intel’s first major release since Kaby Lake Architecture, and pack several mainstream features such a PCIe 4.0 Support, integrated Gen12 Xe Graphics, etc.

The Intel Compute Runtime has been updated to include Rocket Lake Architecture, which will be featured inside the company’s upcoming 11th-Gen Core Series of CPUs. The Intel Rocket Lake is expected to debut early next year and bring with it several key features that will allow Intel CPUs to match AMD processors in terms of support, compatibility, and expandability. Interestingly, Intel’s motherboard partners are already prepared for the next-gen Intel CPUs.

Intel Compute Runtime Latest Version 20.37.17906 Includes Rocket Lake Support:

Intel’s software team has released a new version of their Compute Runtime. The Intel Graphics Compute Runtime for oneAPI Level Zero and OpenCL Driver is an open-source project providing compute API support for Intel graphics hardware architectures (HD Graphics, Xe). The certified OpenCL Drivers have long been an integral part of Intel’s unified graphics driver package for the Windows operating system.

The latest version of Compute Runtime, however, is for the package that provides OpenCL and oneAPI Level Zero capabilities for their graphics hardware on Linux. The update adds new Intel DG1 discrete graphics card IDs (4906 and 4907). Until recently, the package supported only 4905. What this means is that the Intel Compute Runtime now includes support for the Intel’s own Xe Graphics Solution.

Specifically, the Intel Xe DG1 discrete graphics cards could be the first supported graphics solution. It is important to note that the Intel DG1 support in the Compute Runtime stack does remain disabled by default for now. Intel is still actively developing and testing the Xe graphics solution platform and hence, it is quite likely it doesn’t want the same to be activated until it is matured.

Apart from the Intel Xe Graphics Solution, the Intel Compute Runtime’s latest version also includes support for Rocket Lake CPUs. These are the next-gen Intel processors with Gen12 LP graphics. Rocket Lake graphics device IDs 0x4C80, 0x4C8A, 0x4C8B, 0x4C8C, 0x4C90, and 0x4C9A are supported in this release. The latest release packs a little over 700 lines of new code to enable the initial Rocket Lake support. However, besides the existing Gen12 Graphics support, the majority of the new code is necessary but expected device additions, build system additions, and new test cases.

Intel CPU Supported Motherboard Manufacturers Already ready For 11th-Gen Rocket Lake Specifications?

It is interesting to note that motherboard manufacturers are already prepared to support the new and still unannounced 11th-Gen Intel Core Series of CPUs which will feature the Rocket Lake Cores. The recently announced Z490 board series is hardware PCIe 4.0 compatible. Needless to add, this is one of the most eagerly awaited and key upgrades over 10th Gen Core Comet Lake-S, which are stuck with PCIe 3.0.

The Rocket Lake series will feature Intel’s Gen12 integrated graphics. Intel has already indicated that the Gen12 graphics will be based on its own Xe Graphics solution, and has further claimed the Xe-based series can offer up to 2 times the performance over Gen 9.5 desktop graphics.

Speaking of the Xe DG1 graphics solutions, the Compute Runtime has received more IDs for DG1 devices. Previous reports indicate the first generation of discrete graphics solutions from Intel could be capable but low powered and possibly launch with 3GB or 6GB memory. The Xe DG1 graphics solution for mobile computing is expected to arrive with the Tiger Lake-U Series of CPUs.

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Intel 11th-Gen Core Series With Rocket Lake Architecture Gets New Compute Runtime With Support For Intel DG1 Discrete Graphics Card

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