Intel 10th Gen Core-X Processors Delayed: Is It a Bad Idea?

A few weeks back, we reported that Intel is planning to launch its Core-X series of processors in November. Intel made bold claims regarding the price to performance ratio superiority of these processors when compared to the 2nd gen Threadripper processors. According to VideoCardz, Intel dropped the prices of these processors to get a further gain on the price to performance metric.


Turns out, Intel is planning to delay the release of these processors. According to the sources from Videocardz, Intel is waiting to gauge the 3rd gen Threadripper processors. AMD is planning to announce the first update revolving around the next generation of Threadripper processors on November 5th. They have also announced a webinar, “Meet the Experts,” where they will discuss the future of the high-end desktop computing and their uses in the commercial market on 6th November. It further solidifies the claim that AMD may unveil 3rd gen Threadripper processors on the 5th with a release date of early 2020.

It shows that Intel is employing a passive strategy so that they could further adjust their pricing as 2nd gen Threadrippers will get a price drop. The Core-X series of processors will feature SKUs ranging from 10 to 18 cores depending upon price. All SKUs will be hyperthreaded, so in essence, these processors will be better at handling the multi-tasking. Regardless, they are no match against the 64 core Threadripper on accounts of the raw core performance. These may have better single-core performance, but in the high-end desktop market, multi-core performance is generally preferred.

Intel Core-X series

Lastly, according to rumors, AMD may unveil a 128 core Threadripper processor for the third generation of the lineup. These will be based on the Zen 2.0 architecture and will feature IPC as well as architectural improvements. Stalling in this case for Intel may prove “devastating” since people will divert their attention to the new lineup, and hence, the comparison with the last-gen Threadipper will become obsolete.

Mohsin Naeem
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