Intel 10nm Process Is No Longer On The Roadmap, The Plug Has Been Pulled

For Better Or For Worse

Intel 10nm process has had its fair share of issues and the process that was supposed to release in 2015 has yet to make an appearance. In a recent leak we found that Intel could release the 10nm process based chips in late 2019 but then, later on, we saw leaks that revealed the exact opposite.

Now we have reports from SemiAccurate that claim that the Intel 10nm process is no more and that Intel is pulling the plug on this project entirely. Charlie Demerjian has been covering this aspect of Intel for a long time now and according to the writer, this is the right move for Intel to make. Intel has already wasted a lot of time and money on something that does not seem to be getting any closer to becoming a reality and AMD is getting closer each passing day.

Intel 10nm Process
Intel Roadmap Slide Source: SemiAcurate

You need to subscribe in order to read the whole report but Charlie was kind enough to leave a summary of his findings which read as follows:

The knifing of 10nm shows that Intel is finally willing to do the right things for the right reasons even if it costs them some short term pain, it is the first adult decision we have seen from the company in several years. Let us walk through the reasons why it is a good thing, from cost to timetables to competitiveness to management changes to potential product roadmaps. It is not a clean, easy or pithy story to pull a sound bite from but it is interesting.

Delays in the Intel 10nm process is what brought us 14nm, 14nm+, and after that 14nm++ this time around. The good thing here is that Intel is going to quit what it is doing and might start from scratch. We are not sure what the Intel 10nm process is going to be replaced with but it is safe to say that the upcoming chips are still going to be based on the 14nm process.

Intel might go ahead and call it 14nm+++ or something like that. My guess is that Intel might skip to the 7nm process but that is something that only time will tell. For now, all that we can do is wait and see what Intel is cooking behind the scenes.

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Intel 10nm Process Is No Longer On The Roadmap, The Plug Has Been Pulled

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