Insurgency: Sandstorm Update Adds Team Deathmatch, Five New Weapons

Insurgency: Sandstorm, New World Interactive’s realistic first-person shooter, has received its first content update. Launched last year in December, the game is now celebrating its milestone of 500,000 copies sold. The first content update for Insurgency: Sandstorm is now live, and brings five new weapons, a new ‘arcade’ playlist, performance optimizations, and more.

Arcade Mode

First up is the brand new arcade mode. Kicking things off with team deathmatch, arcade mode features rotating playlists with unique and “non-traditional” game modes. In team deathmatch, two teams of 12 players have to win the match by killing enough enemy players. The game mode features an increased supply point count and faction restrictions on weapons and upgrades are removed. As a result, players will have more flexibility when creating the loadout of their choice.

“Rules are simple: Build your ideal loadout, and kill enough of the enemy to win the match. New modes will be introduced to Arcade regularly with future updates.”

In addition to arcade, a new firing range has been added to the game. Accessible via the tutorials section, the Range level allows players to test weapons and equipment as well as practice their aim.

New Weapons

Five new weapons have also been added to Insurgency: Sandstorm. Two new submachine guns, two new machine guns, and a new pistol are now part of arsenal. The Insurgents can use the MP5A2 SMG and the MG3 machine gun, whereas Security can use the PF940 pistol, the MP5A5 SMG, and the M240B machine gun.

MP5A2, MP5A5, and PF940
Machine Guns
MG3 and M240B

Due to their better handling, the low caliber submachine guns are optimal for close quarters combat. For a more aggressive approach, the M240B offers “high-caliber damage”, while the MG3 boasts an “absurd rate of fire”.

Furthermore, flash grenades have been reworked to be more effective and consistent. Players blinded by the grenades will now have their movement speed and mouse input slowed down. Furthermore, new cosmetics for both Insurgents and Security have been added.

The rest of the patch focuses on performance improvements, bug fixes, and other technical changes. Read the patch notes for the detailed list of changes and additions.

To celebrate half a million copies sold, Insurgency: Sandstorm is 20% off until March 5th.

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Insurgency: Sandstorm Update Adds Team Deathmatch, Five New Weapons

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