Installing Latest Windows 10 KB4522355 Cumulative Update Returns Start Menu Crash If It Doesn’t Fail To Install

Windows 10 users who were greeted with a new Cumulative Update, officially tagged as KB4522355, could face issues with the Start Menu crashing. Interestingly, those users who cannot install the update should consider themselves safe. Microsoft released the KB4522355 on October 24, and it is primarily meant for Windows 10 with OS version 18362.449.

The non-security update includes several bug-fixes and improvements but is apparently causing issues with Start Menu. Needless to add, the weird Start Menu behavior and its crashes are now quite familiar, as several Windows 10 users have been routinely reporting about the same since September, this year.

Microsoft Claims KB4522355 Cumulative Update Should Resolve Issues With Start Menu And Microsoft Edge

Windows 10’s Start menu problems, including the Critical Error issue first surfaced in September. The problems and issues have reportedly increased after applying the updates released in October, claim several users. Interestingly, Microsoft had recently marked these issues as “resolved”. However, the company claimed it was monitoring the feedback from users. “We will continue monitoring to ensure users have a high-quality experience when interacting with these areas,” assured Microsoft recently.

If that’s not enough, through a post on the Microsoft Answers website, a Microsoft engineer had claimed that installing KB4522355 will resolve issues with Start Menu and Microsoft Edge. Several users have indicated that Microsoft appears to have successfully addressed the Edge browser bug. However, issues pertaining to Start Menu continue to exist.

Several users have claimed that Windows 10’s Start menu crashes or fails to launch after applying KB4522355. Incidentally, the cause and nature of failure appear to be quite different than the earlier Start Menu Critical Error bug. This might indicate that the recently sent out Cumulative Update might have developed a new set of issues or conflicts that cause erratic behavior in the Start Menu.

The newly developed issue comes at a very critical time for Windows 10 1903. The Windows 10 1803 version is rapidly approaching its end of life. Come November 12, 2019, Microsoft may start sending out mandatory updates to Windows 10 1803 which will update the installations to Windows 10 1903. However, if the newly discovered bugs aren’t addressed or solved by then, several Windows 10 installations, which were working well on the previous stable version, might start facing the issues needlessly, explained a user,

“Part of this update was to correct the start menu issue that many users were experiencing. However, I’d like to report that this issue is still present and is still a huge issue. We are trying our best to get off of version 1803 because the end of life is approaching (November 12th, 2019) however this one particular issue is preventing us from doing so.”

Windows 10 KB4522355 Fails To Install Correctly With A Generic Error:

Cumulative Updates have been failing to install on Windows 10 regularly for quite some time. The latest KB4522355 update is no exception. As with quite a few such failures to install, this update also throws up the generic error message which is rather impossible to accurately diagnose. According to users who have experienced the ‘Failure to Install’ issue, the KB4522355 update gives the following error message:

Windows failed to install the following update with error 0x800F081F: 2019-10 Cumulative Update for Windows 10 Version 1903 for x64-based Systems (KB4522355).

Despite the negative reports about KB4522355, it appears the update works well for a large number of users. The same is apparent from the fact that only a few users of Windows 10 1903 have come forth with issues pertaining to the same. Microsoft is yet to officially acknowledge any issues with KB4522355. Moreover, owing to the rather limited impact, it is quite likely that the company may take a little more time to investigate.


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