Instagram To Roll Out Analytics Feature for Celebs and Businesses, Full Roll Out Expected Next Year

Instagram is currently testing the feature on selected users

Analytics is becoming an important tool in every field to gauge the performance. Instagram is now taking help from analytics for celebrity accounts so that they can analyze and interpret the action on their accounts. The photosharing app is testing “creators account” that will help celebs and businesses to better track their activities.

According to a report by the Hollywood Reporter, the new feature is currently being tested on some users. Instagram might roll out the new feature by next year. Product Manager Ashley Yuki said that they want Instagram to be the easiest and best place for creators. The main aim of the new feature is to allow celebs and businesses to build their fanbase and personal brands.

In-Depth Analytics

The creator’s account will be able to get more data insights with the help of the new feature. Users will be able to see the follows and unfollows on their account. They will also be able to analyze the change in followers on a daily and weekly basis. Creators will also be able to analyze the effectiveness of their content as Instagram will now show an increase or decrease in followers based on the content created.

Filtration of Direct Messages

Another notable feature that will be available for the creators is the direct messaging tools. Through direct messaging tools, users will be able to filter out messages directly from their friends and brand partners that they choose. Users will be able to filter out read, unread, and flagged messages. Follow request can also be ranked according to time or relevance.

The new Creator accounts will help users to get more insightful information about their accounts. Till now there was no tailor-made feature available like this for creators to gauge their performance. Instagram said that Creators account is the first step taken by the company as it looks forward to providing more tools in the future.

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Instagram To Roll Out Analytics Feature for Celebs and Businesses, Full Roll Out Expected Next Year

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