Instagram Might Add a New Way of Replying to Individual Messages In DMs

Facebook adopted the typical giant company approach when it acquired both Instagram and WhatsApp. It is simple if you cannot beat them, just spend millions (more like Billions) of dollars and acquire them. Upon this acquisition though, the company was able to adopt certain features which would otherwise have been direct plagiarism. We now see the Messenger app and its features to be emulating the WhatsApp messenger. Similarly, Instagram has grown as a platform as well. From just being a photo-sharing app to actually one adopted by influencers and to contact people about them via DMs (Direct Messages).

About Instagram’s DM Development

In a tweet from Alessandro Paluzzi, Instagram DMs are getting a revamp as well. This may be a start of the adaptation to a full scale messenger for the app. According to the tweet embedded below, the people at Instagram are working on a way to quote messages directly. This is just a fancy way to say that they’re working on replying directly to one person’s messages. It is quite similar if not exactly the same to the service on WhatsApp. It is where you swipe a message to the right and have the option to directly respond to that particular message. This is quite useful in group chats, especially when there is a heated discussion and everyone has an input to give. That is where this feature comes in use and you could address one person or the other directly.

Currently, though, the feature is not available, as the tweet suggests below.

It’s nice to see that Facebook, in a way, is making all these platforms complete. A person who loves Instagram may not have similar feelings about Facebook. Similarly, a person may be an iMessage user but his/her choice of social media maybe Instagram. Thus it is useful to have complete platforms, offering everything inside one app. Perhaps we shall see what more they can and or will do to the app in the months and years to come.

Sarmad Burki
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Instagram Might Add a New Way of Replying to Individual Messages In DMs

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