Instagram Has Been Pushing “Too Many Videos” to its Users According to CEO

Instagram, which started as a photos app, has been refocused by Meta over the last several years to better compete with viral video applications like TikTok. However, this has displeased a lot of people. Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri has now acknowledged that the site has been pushing “too many videos” on its users after Instagram reversed design modifications that made its app more reminiscent of TikTok. 

The platform’s CEO admitted that there are “a number of photographers who have been upset” about Instagram’s recent emphasis on video in a story that Mosseri shared on his own Instagram account. He said that “photos will always be a part of Instagram,” however.

Mosseri said in the same story that Instagram “overfocused” on video the previous year and that the site would now return to balancing the proportion of images and videos that are shown to users. In one instance he cited, Instagram would take into account a user’s preference for videos over images when deciding which material will show up first in their feeds. The official at the Meta-owned business noted that although videos have been increasing overall engagement, Instagram won’t do rid of images from its app. Instead, it will continue to invest in videos.

Things like how often someone likes photos versus videos and how often someone comments on photos versus videos are roughly equal, which is a good sign that things are balanced

To the degree that there is more video on Instagram over time, it’s going to be because that’s what’s driving overall engagement more. But photos are always going to be an important part of what we do.

-Adam Mosseri 

He was replying to a question about photographers “losing trust” in Instagram as a platform for showcasing their work. This opinion has persisted since Instagram started experimenting with a TikTok-inspired app overhaul with a full-screen video experience last year. Since the test was unsuccessful, Instagram decided to scrap the significant redesign. However, the company’s drive for video persisted, and in July it renamed all of the platform’s videos Reels. Additionally, they have been unmistakably favored in the feed and Explore page ranking algorithms, as Mosseri now freely acknowledges.

In the Q&A, he also spoke about Instagram spam, which is still a constant annoyance. 

We definitely have spam and bots on Instagram. We’re doing our best to reduce it. I’m particularly worried about comments right now; it’s something that we’re actually actively looking into and hope to improve over the course of the year.”

Instagram unveiled new features earlier this week, such as Quiet Mode and the option to label several posts on the Explore tab as uninteresting. The latter tool should help you fine-tune and enhance the suggestions you receive. Even still, some still have problems with the frequent promotion of reels and movies. We can only hope that Instagram improves its algorithm appropriately now that the problem has been acknowledged.


Muhammad Zuhair

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