InPrivate Desktop Sandbox Feature for Windows 10 Enterprise Allows Admins to Test Risky Software Without Fear of it Affecting the OS

Running unknown software or files from an untrustworthy origin is a risky gig. It comes forward as a wonderful innovation, then, that Microsoft has developed an InPrivate Desktop sandbox feature which allows administrators to launch a throwaway sandbox desktop for a secure and single time execution of an untrustworthy software. This makes the testing of risky software easy as programs that are run in the sandbox do not affect the operating system or its files in any way.

The InPrivate Desktop feature acts as an “in-box, speedy VM that is recycled when you close the app,” explains the recent Windows 10 Insider Feedback Hub quest that has alerted us to the new addition. Although the particular quest that gave this away is no longer available, its description tells us that the recyclable InPrivate Desktop sandbox feature is designed to cater to the Windows 10 Enterprise solution, requiring 4GB of RAM, 5GB of free disk space, a dual-core CPU at the least, and a BIOS that has Hypervisor CPU Virtualization enabled.

InPrivate Desktop Details. Bleeping Computer

With regards to the privileges required to maintain the sandbox environment, Hyper-V will indeed be enabled to allow for the sandbox’s feature installation. To install the application, you must launch the Microsoft Store application and navigate to the Microsoft tab at the top. There, you must search for the InPrivate Desktop (Preview) application and install it. The installation of this application demands admin rights and a reboot will also be required post installation. After the system is started back up, the InPrivate Desktop can be launched, and users can test it out for themselves.

At this stage, users who attempt to install or test the file directly through the quest will find themselves unable. The feature demands that users be a part of the Azure Active Directory and that their accounts be added as external users in the tenant prior to the installation and trial of the feature. This was discovered by Bleeping Computer‘s Lawrence Abrams who attempted to install the application. Another thing to note is that the description beneath the quest states that this application is in development and has certain limitations.

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