Innosilicon to Introduce Their New “Fantasy 2 GPUs” On 3rd August

Another Chinese GPU hits the market!

Innosilicon is a semiconductor producer based in Wuhan, China. They primarily produce and research ASIC miners. Last year, in November they announced a new lineup of GPUs codenamed ‘Fantasy No.1′. They were aimed at businesses, gaming, workstations, laptops and even virtual reality. Sadly, it seems as if they were only available for the chinese market as not even a single review can be found anywhere.

The Fantasy No.1 series offered 4 GPU designs. The two primary GPUs were the Type A and Type B GPUs. The Type A SKU provided around 5 TFLOPS of power. Whereas the TYPE B equipped with a dual-GPU design doubled the performance to around 10 TFLOPS.

Now it seems as if Innosilicon is prepping to release the next iteration of this series. The announcement will be made on August 3rd, 2022.

Fantasy 2 GPU announcement | Innosilicon

A rough translation of the above flyer reads (Rougly translated via Google)

The Shadow of Fantasy Renders the Future

“Fantasy No. 2” GPU new product launch conference and GPU cutting-edge technology application seminar

2022/8/3 14:00 – 18:00

Crowne Plaza Wuguang Optics Valley

The Fantasy One series provides support for upto 32 users for cloud based services. These cards ship with 16GB of GDDR6X memory featuring support for all major APIs such as DX11 and DX12. Most importantly, these GPUs were extremely capable as they could run up to 32 1080p/60 FPS or 64 720/30 FPS streams simultaneously. The power was supplied via two 8-pin connectors.

As the launch of these new GPUs draws near, it should be noted that the Fantasy One series was targeted at NVIDIA’s RTX 3060, however, we do not have comparable results to verify Innosilicon’s claims.

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