Innosilicon’s Future GPU Lineup Set to Include Ray Tracing and More

Innosilicon, a local GPU manufacturer in China, recently unveiled its Fantasy 2 GPUs, which featured an entry-level and low-power architecture. However, it appears that the firm has also finished developing its next-generation Fantasy 3 GPU.

Innosilicon Fantasy 2’s GPU is set to be one of the latest additions in their lineup. All modern appliances, including PCs, laptops, and AI computing, may utilize the Fantasy 2 GPU. The business said that it has already finished the research and development of its Fantasy 3 graphics processors during the press conference that was held following the launch event for the Fantasy 2 GPU. The higher-end choices and ray tracing capabilities of the Fantasy 3 GPUs will be some of its main selling factors.

Innosilicon’s Fantasy 1 was highly anticipated amongst Chinese consumers | Image: Innosilicon

According to sources, Chinese customers will have something that delivers the same technology created by their businesses roughly 4-5 years after the first consumer ray tracing graphics cards made it to the market. Innosilicon also intends to produce a full-fledged high-end lineup while also producing specific low-power versions because Ray Tracing is a particularly demanding function for GPUs.

Additionally, Innosilicon intends to deploy its first 5nm optical tracking technology by 2022. It also appears that the business hopes to market Fantasy GPUs internationally and does not only want them to be available to Chinese consumers.



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