Initial SSD Performance of the Xbox Series X Revealed and its IMPRESSIVE

It can load FFXV in only 13 seconds

We have extensively talked about the performance improvements that the next generation consoles will bring to the table. On paper, both consoles feature CPU that is almost ten times as powerful as the CPU present in their respective predecessors. Simultaneously, the Xbox Series X promises twice the GPU power compared to the One X, and PS5 boasts more than twice the graphical performance compared to the PS4 Pro. The main improvement in both consoles is arguably the new SSDs, and we finally have the performance figures of the custom NVME SSD present in the Xbox Series X console.

The early previews of the Series X consoles have started to appear on the Internet. Microsoft has only allowed talking about some aspects of the console. Head over to the link here if you want to look at the complete preview. As mentioned above, the most important upgrade of these new consoles is the new SSDs. Storage plays an important role in any program; games require textures and other assets to be loaded from the storage to the VRAM. The data throughput and memory controllers of the storage system are one of the main limiting factors here.

The velocity architecture and the custom NVMe SSD tries to resolve these problems. The initial tests suggest that the load times of games have been massively reduced. Some big AAA titles even load instantaneously. Assassins Creed: Origins is one such title. On the other hand, Xbox Series X equipped with base HDD requires more than a minute to load the game. Similarly, No Man’s Sky only needed 30 seconds in the case of Series X, while the current king of consoles took approximately 1 minute and 19 seconds. Lastly, Final Fantasy XV, the game that is notorious for taking ‘ages’ while loading only took 13 seconds to load the save file.

Finally, all these games ran at 4K 60 FPS on the console except No Man’s Sky, which is locked at 30FPS.


Mohsin Naeem

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