Information About Halo Infinite’s Upcoming Technical Preview Have Been Released – Bots, Arena Maps and Weapon Drills All Detailed

Developer 343 Industries has shared all the insider details on Halo Infinite’s upcoming Technical Preview, but there is still no definite release date for Microsoft’s flagship shooter.

We’re more than halfway through 2021 and there is still no definitive release date for the title considered to be the Xbox Series consoles’ launch game. However, this could be a good sign, as Halo Infinite’s first official showing did not exactly inspire confidence among its numerous fans, and cooking it in the oven for a longer time could guarantee a measure of success for Microsoft’s most popular shooter.

That said, we have not exactly been totally bereft of new information, as the Halo Waypoint continually releases bits and pieces of it in the months before. The latest posting gives excited players a look at what they could expect from the upcoming Technical Preview, a closed demo of sorts for some of the game’s insiders to play. Most of the posting boils down the nitty gritty of the upcoming preview, including the focus areas that the development team will be mostly keeping their eyes on.

Bot gameplay, arena maps, weapon drills and more

The first welcome piece of news is that Halo Infinite will be the first in the series to venture into the world of multiplayer Bots. The Technical Preview will dive deeper into that, allowing players to group as four and team up against four bots in the Bot Arena playlist. While there, players can give feedback on overall Bot behavior and online performance. The game mode will be Bot Slayer, and it will be played on Bazaar, Recharge and Live Fire.

Halo Infinite CSQ48 Bulldog Gun
Halo Infinite CQS48 Bulldog Source – Gamesatlas

Another new mode is Weapon Drills, where you can test your skills in a firing range across multiple weapons, with moving and strafing bots for you to shoot and score. Weapon Drills allow players to reach peak efficiency with Halo Infinite’s arsenal, including classics like the MA40 AR, CQS48 Bulldog and the S7 Sniper.

A small preview of the Battle Pass will also be included in the Technical Preview. This will be a good chance for players to test out its kinks, as the development team will be handing out a set amount of in-game credits (cR). These credits can be used on any of the cosmetic items during the Preview, but 343 was also quick to point out that unlocked customization items will not carry over to the main game once Halo Infinite releases later this year.

The full post about the upcoming Technical Preview can be found here.


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