Infinity Ward quietly added a 120FPS mode for Warzone on the Xbox Series X

PS5 version still runs at 60FPS

Call of Duty Warzone was probably the most positive thing that happened during the pandemic. Using CoD’s advanced shooting system for consoles, Infinity Ward was able to create the only Battle Royale that featured cross-platform (including PC) matchmaking. Warzone currently features more than 75m players, which is one of the reasons why Activision is still supporting the development.

Now that players are slowly shifting towards the newly released CoD Black Ops Cold War, it seems Activision will stick with its free Battle Royale mode. We may see more robust updates for Warzone showing better performance and graphical prowess of the new consoles. As it turns out, Infinity ward has quietly updated the game mode on the Xbox Series X. It can now run the game at 120FPS. According to the Digital Foundry, a Eurogamer subsidiary, the console manages to maintain upwards of 100 FPS.

The sad part here is that the PlayStation 5 version of the game still runs at 60FPS. It seems quite odd from Activision since CoD offers many exclusive in-game goodies to its PlayStation player base. Digital Foundry found that CoD Modern Warfare runs via Backwards compatibility mode on PlayStation 5 and can not load into the 120FPS mode. Another thing to note here is how greatly it affects cross-compatibility. Xbox Series X players are able to play at a much higher framerate, which means, they have an advantage over the PlayStation 5 players.

It should be noted that the patch notes released before the update did not mention 120FPS mode, which also adds to the odd behavior by Activision. Both Infinity Ward and Activision have not commented on the situation yet. However, it would not be wrong to assume that an update for the PlayStation 5 version will be on the way.

Mohsin Naeem
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