Infinity Display on the Flagship Galaxy Note 9 Reported to have light leaking off the edges

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 which released in early August is nothing less than expected; packing 6/8 gigs of RAM and Mali-G72 MP18 – EMEA paired with the Adreno 630. This phone, priced at $999.99, and $1,249.99 for the 128GB, and 512GB internal storage versions respectively, is hottest in the market right now.
Since the phone has only been released 4 days ago (24th Aug), buyers are eager to get their hands on these units.

Although, the ones that have already gotten a hold of these units have reportedly complained via Android Central forum posts and tweets about a precedented flaw in this masterpiece.

This is Samsung’s largest Note yet (at 6.4 inches), and the iconic Infinity display is one of its most desired attraction that is just simply elegant to hold and look at. Though not all users face this issue, fairly a large number have complained about light “leaking” off the edges of the Super AMOLED Infinity display where the screen (Corning Gorilla Glass 5) meets the aluminium frame around the phone.

While this does not affect the performance of the phone, it is still hard not to notice when you are holding the phone, or when the screen lights up. Having read about this issue on the internet, people have reported to have second thoughts before buying the phone because of a simple design flaw.

This issue had been noted even in the Galaxy Note 8, and the S8. Inspite of this issue having occurred in previous models, Samsung has neither been able to comment on it till date, nor has it been able to rectify it in its later flagships.

Users who have faced this issue have reported that it has bothered them so much that they are trying have their devices replaced. On the other hand, some users claim that it could be an illusion because of light reflecting off the curved display.
The edges of the glass panel are painted in order to provide the phone with its iconic round shape. The efficiency of the paint applied varies from unit to unit and can be very unpredictable.

Samsung is yet to respond to this alleged issue. Users would feel more comfortable knowing what the problem is, and if Samsung can rectify/guarantee a non-defective model before Purchasing the device which is not a budget ranged smartphone.
Perhaps an assurance from Samsung is what is required to make sure Samsung doesn’t lose its potential buyers.

Bijit Ghosh
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Infinity Display on the Flagship Galaxy Note 9 Reported to have light leaking off the edges

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