Learning to Increase your Business Profitability using Indie Hackers

Indie Hackers is a company that was founded back in 2016 with the aim of building collaboration between the owners of successful businesses and young entrepreneurs. It provides a platform where well-established businessmen can share their success stories, in fact, their whole journey towards success. This gives inspiration to those souls who are just planning to dive into the business world but lack proper guidance. These people can also get live feedback on their ideas from other successful entrepreneurs while making use of Indie Hackers.

The people who choose to become a part of this community by making useful contributions are also known as Indie Hackers. A large number of Indie Hackers have developed various useful products that enhance the profitability of your business. Therefore, in this article, we are going to discuss some of the most important products by Indie Hackers that will give you an idea of how you can create products for increasing your business profitability.

Indie Hackers

Products by Indie Hackers that help you in Increasing your Business Profitability:

Indie Hackers has grown to be a very large community since its existence. There is a wide range of products that are built by the people who are a part of this community. However, we are going to discuss only the business-oriented products whose goal was solely to generate profit by solving any problem that is faced by most of the people. With a brief description of each of these products, you will get the basic idea of how you can use these products to increase your business profitability. Moreover, by studying these products, you might also come up with a unique idea that can help you in the growth of your particular business.

  1. Snap Search- Snap Search is a two in one product i.e. it is a Private Browser as well as a Search Engine. This product is designed for the Android operating system and it helps you in maintaining your privacy by deleting the traces of your browsing history, search history, cookies, sessions, etc. Moreover, this product also has a built-in ad blocker as well as a mechanism that prevents you from being hacked. Up till now, this efficient product has crossed 10,000 downloads. It means that the creator of Snap Search is making a very good profit with this product.
  2. aPurple- aPurple is a very powerful clone application that provides you with the best clone solutions and newest business models. If you want to build some application but a similar one already exists and you just want to modify the existing application slightly by adding in some more features, then aPurple should serve as your best choice.
  3. WebSniffer- As the name implies, this product is an online HTTP analyzer that inspects the HTTP responses of a website. Moreover, this tool is also efficient enough to track page redirection. WebSniffer enhances the security of your web applications and prevents them from being vulnerable to external threats and attacks.
  4. Iteratively- Iteratively provides you with the best way to track your product analytics. It is designed to help organizations that depend on data for capturing clean and consistent product analytics. It also allows you to create tracking plans according to your own business strategies so that your product analytics can stay aligned with your business goals.
  5. Raileo- Raileo is an extremely useful tool for monitoring your websites continuously to prevent downtimes. It is also capable of keeping an eye on SSL validity. Moreover, it also keeps track of your website’s performance. In this way, Raileo helps you in keeping your websites up and running 24/7 and even if your website experiences any unfortunate downtime, Raileo will immediately inform to you so that you can take the necessary measures.
  6. BugFeedr- This product by Indie Hackers help you in collecting product feedback from your clients and users. This will not only help you in improving your products with realtime customer feedback but will also be responsible for increasing the level of satisfaction of your customers.
  7. GenialTask- This is an Android application that is solely designed for increasing an individual’s daily productivity. It provides you with a task manager which helps you in managing your routine chores. Moreover, you can also create to-do lists on a daily basis for preventing yourself from missing out on any important activity. The best thing about this application is that at the end of the day, it will also provide you with statistics in the form of completed and uncompleted tasks so that you can easily schedule the uncompleted tasks for the next day.
  8. Chrome Tools- As the name implies, this product by Indie Hackers provides you with a complete suite of Chrome extensions. In this way, you do not need to wander around for finding any desired extension because now you can simply get them all in one single place.
  9. Nocodify- It is a tool that helps you in learning to design and build web applications using the no-code approach i.e. you will be able to create full-fledged web applications and that too without any need of coding. Because of the efficient technology that is used in building this tool, you can quickly validate your ideas and hence generate a great deal of profit for your business.
  10. Burrow- This is an extremely amazing tool for fortune-telling about your business. Burrow basically provides you with a revenue forecasting and client analytics software. In this way, by using this tool, you can get forecasts on your project revenues, surface trends in the revenues, and also insights on client metrics. Moreover, you can also get an idea of whether it is worth investing more on a project or not by making use of this tool.

The products discussed above are only a few unique ideas that have been turned into reality by Indie Hackers. There are loads of other products available over there on the official website of Indie Hackers that you can look through and get inspired by. However, after reading about the products mentioned above, you can easily analyze how these simple yet amazing products are making great revenues just because they manage to land on the right platform. Therefore, if you are having any unique idea or need some guidance on increasing the profitability of your business, then you should join the Indie Hackers community right away.

Ayesha Sajid
Ayesha is a software developer by profession and is currently working as a lead developer with Code5.Programming Skills: Asp.net, C#, C/C++, Java, Golang, Android, UML, SQL and Html.

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Learning to Increase your Business Profitability using Indie Hackers

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