Following the EU, India Has Now Made USB-C Mandatory for All Devices Starting 2025

A report from Business Standard claims that by March 2025, mobile devices in India would be obliged to use USB Type-C as the standard charging connector for electronic gadgets. This comes after the European Union enacted similar regulations mandating that new smartphones and other portable gadgets sold inside the EU utilize USB-C charging by December 28, 2024 in an effort to reduce e-waste. 

The Indian government is also looking at the potential of mandating a common charger for wearables like fitness trackers and smartwatches. According to reports, the declaration was made by the Bureau of Indian Standards, which is controlled by the Indian government, on Tuesday after discussions with industry stakeholders concerning standards, limitations on the global supply chain, and product availability.

BIS has notified standards for type C chargers and the government will come up with two common types of charging ports for mobiles and wearable electronic devices

There is a broad consensus among the industry and government that the use of USB type C charging ports can be made mandatory after six months of the European Union’s rolling out of standards for USB charging ports in 2024 as electronic manufacturers have a global integrated supply chain.”

-Rohit Kumar Singh (Secretary of ministry of consumer affairs) 

With few exemptions for small devices where USB-C is impractical to use, electronics marketed in India must enable USB-C charging by March 2025, not six months but three months after the EU deadline of December 28, 2024. India claims consumer interests and minimizing e-waste as the driving forces for the move, similar to the EU.

Numerous manufacturers will be impacted by the trend toward making USB-C a mandatory standard, but Apple Inc. will be the most negatively influenced. Apple continues to offer iPhones that can only be charged using its own Lightning charger, despite the majority of the mobile phone industry now utilizing USB-C as the standard. Apple has, however, indicated that it intends to adhere to the EU deadline by which it is anticipated to have converted all of its product lines to USB-C.

In 2019, India overtook the US to overtake it as the second-largest smartphone market in the world. Currently, it is believed that more than 95% of the population utilizes Android-based mobile devices. The majority of Android smartphones now have USB-C ports, but iPhones still have their own unique Lightning connector. Apple has lately had considerable sales growth in India where it now has plans to produce the iPhone 14 hence a shift to USB-C will be immediate due to the immense growth potential in the region.


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