India Offers the Cheapest Broadband in the Asian Region, Research Claims

Here’s How It Stacks Up Against Other Countries

Internet has connected people in a way, unseen in human history. It forms the backbone of modern society. Even the most valued companies on Earth are tech companies powered by the Internet and that’s something.


Counties With The Cheapest Broadband

In the era of 4K content streaming, video calling and gaming even average people like us need a fast and reliable connection. The need is universal but the prices vastly differ from place to place. conducted a massive study involving 196 countries, they analyzed a group of packages from various providers and arrived at an average price per GB. The scope of their research is too wide to be covered in a single article so we will only focus on India here.

Why India? Well India has undergone massive change in the last few years. Broadband speeds there have increased quite significantly and after the entry of Reliance Jio, they have seen record penetration of high speed internet. states, the average package cost per month in India is around 29$, while the cheapest pack comes in at 5.80$ and the highest cost package at 234.81$. This is quite a big range but that’s expected given the country’s vastness.

How does it fare against other countries?

Pricing Region Wise
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As far as pricing is concerned, it’s pretty good. The average cost per MB comes at around 0.60$ and that’s better than a lot of developed countries. Even regions around India have low pricing, China’s average rate per MB comes in around 0.40$ and Sri Lanka’s at 0.49$.

Prices in European countries are significantly higher, with prices per MB going as high as 3$ in Switzerland.

These prices are just analytical data and they don’t take income disparity of different countries into consideration. Broadband infrastructure takes considerable resources to maintain, so countries with higher wages will have costlier broadband. Some countries in the Sub-Saharan region such as Niger, have the highest prices per MB, but that’s due to the general instability in those countries and the lack or proper broadband infrastructure.

There are a few other factors……..

India is a very vast country, so this data might not correlate in some regions. There are thousands of broadband providers in the country with different packages, so there’s bound to be some differences.

Big metro cities here generally have cheaper plans with higher speeds. Some metro cities even offer gigabyte plans going as low as 100$. 200 Mbps plans with 1TB caps can be found for as low as 20$. Generally Western cities in India enjoy better broadband speeds.

This doesn’t resonate when it comes to small towns and rural areas. Many of these places lack broadband connections altogether, and the rest of them have very few providers with high pricing.

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India Offers the Cheapest Broadband in the Asian Region, Research Claims

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