Improve Your Video Streaming With Google Duo’s Low Light Mode

We often find it difficult to make video calls during poor lightening conditions. There are times when we need to conduct a video call in areas where the lighting is not bright enough. People find it really frustrating when the other person on the call is unable to see them.

Unfortunately, many video chat services have not done anything about it. However, Google has been working to address this problem for around one year. Today the company has announced that Duo now supports a new feature called low light mode. Google Duo low light mode comes to the rescue during those conditions when you are making a video call in non-optimal lighting conditions.

For example, if you have started a video call with your friends while traveling. You can simply adjust the brightness of your video stream to improve the exposure. In order to take advantage of the feature, you need to tap a specific button during your video calls. Once you tap the button, your video stream will be upgraded to an improved brightness level. The effect is noticed immediately as if you have moved to a better lightening environment.

This feature will help you in different situations. You might need to have a quick chat with your loved ones before sleeping, enjoy watching Movies and TV shows while chatting or you are living in an area where power breakdown is a problem. According to Google, Duo will automatically make adjustments in such conditions.

As a matter of fact, Google has demonstrated the working of the Duo’s low light mode feature in the blog post. However, your lighting conditions and phone’s camera have an influence on the final effect.

How To Enable The Low Light Mode In Google Duo?

It is worth mentioning that the feature is currently in the experimental stages and right now it might not work as expected. You will see a popup to turn on the low light mode if you are currently in the dim light.

  1. Start a video call in low light.
  2. Press the on-screen button while chatting to turn on the mode.
  3. Alternatively, you can also go to the Settings menu and turn on the Low Light mode toggle button.
    Credits: Android Police

Google is all set to launch the feature for iOS and Android users starting this week. However, the search giant has not announced any release date for the web client. It is pretty much possible that the change would be triggered by the server-side.

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Improve Your Video Streaming With Google Duo’s Low Light Mode

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