Improbable’s New Game Development Studios To be Led by Ex-Bioware and Epic Games Leaders

Improbable is setting up two of its own game development studios, the company announced today. The developer of the SpatialOS cloud platform is launching two game studios in Edmonton and London


SpatialOS is a cloud platform used in development of games with large-scale multiplayer worlds. Improbable’s new studios will develop its own online multiplayer games using SpatialOS.

The Edmonton studio will be led by former Bioware General Manager Aaryn Flynn, who joined Improbable last year. Flynn previously described Edmonton to have a “rich technology space”. His experience as the lead producer of the Mass Effect games will be put to good use at Improbable. Flynn commented that “after a lot of great hires and great progress”, the studio will develop new games using Unreal Engine 4 and SpatialOS.

As our network of partners has grown we’ve come to work with an incredible range of studios and projects,” says Improbable CEO Herman Narula. “We see our internal studios as a way to further support these partners by pushing technical and creative boundaries and then sharing those learnings with our developer community.”

Additionally, there is a second studio being set up in London. It will be led by John Wasilczyk, who has served producer roles at Epic Games, DICE, and Infinity Ward. Wasilczyk’s experience suggests that the London studio will work on shooter games.

“We’ve grown fast but we’re still looking for additional team members in Engineering, Art, Design and QA to build out our team further. As things progress, we’re excited to show you more in the future.”

In the past, Improbable has partnered with game studios who make use of their SpatialOS platform. Launching their own studios means that the company has decided to dive deeper into the game development industry. Improbable notes that the studios will not only create “cutting-edge” games, but their progress will also benefit SpacialOS. The studio in Edmonton has already employed around 50 staff members, and development on the their “first untitled project” is underway.

Farhan Ali
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