Image Descriptions To Be Provided To Screen Readers From Google via Google Chrome

Using Technology has always been difficult for people with disabilities. Likewise, making technology available to people with disabilities has been hard for Tech companies. The companies have to take into account all sorts of disabilities and then have to come up with creative solutions for each different disability. Despite these issues, companies have started to make an active effort in enabling disabled people to avail these tech services in various ways.

One of these ways is through a type of software called Screen Readers. These type of programs enable the blind or visually impaired users to read text displayed through a speech synthesizer or braille display.

Image Descriptions From Google

Today, Google announced that Screen Readers users would soon be able to request image descriptions from Google via Google Chrome. First reported by Techdows, Google wants to extend a service which will enable screen reader users to ask Google Chrome to provide them with a description for unlabeled images.

Performance Scaling  Source – TechDows

The service is currently only available in Chrome Canary.

How To Activate

Firstly, you have to own Chrome Canary since the feature is not yet available on stable Chrome. After launching Chrome Canary, right click on an image and select the “Get image descriptions from Google” option from the Context menu. Afterwards you will receive two options, ‘always’ or ‘once’, which are pretty self-explanatory. After you give consent to Google by checking either of the two options, the images will be sent to google and descriptions will be returned to Chrome and will be read by Screen reader. You can disable the permission at any given time if you select the ‘Always’ option by going into Chrome  menu > Settings > Advanced > Accessibility and then turning off “Get image descriptions from Google.” You can read more in Techdows article here.

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