IllFonic Studios Move On To Other Projects – Friday The 13th Gets New Developers For Futher Content Development

Team survival horror games aren’t are a very explored genre yet. So publishers who get the formula right are hugely rewarded. Games like “Dead By Daylight” has seen tremendous success, and it also enjoys a large community of players. But there are also massive failures like Evolve, which generated a lot of hype before launch, but eventually crashed and burned.

Friday The 13th sort of sits in the middle now, it can go either way. The game now is in early access and has mixed reviews on Steam. Many players have complained about hit detention, bugs and balance changes in the game, but progress in addressing these issues has generally been very slow.

Developement on this title hasn’t been very smooth for Gun Media. Due to copy right issues, they had to cancel a large part of the game’s future content, in a blog post they stated “When we originally learned that the game fell within the crosshairs of this legal dispute, we tried to balance the creation of new content requested by our fans against the maintenance and bug fixing that our community expects and deserves. We attempted to do both within the limits of the legal case.” Continuing they also stated “We’ve now been forced to accept that the lawsuit makes future content for the game, including alternate play modes, new playable Jasons and Counselors, and new maps, unfeasible now or in the future. Although the listed content types will be affected, we remain committed to launching dedicated servers on our console platforms and providing the continued maintenance and bug fixing important to supporting our fan base.

Gun Media instead worked on polishing the game and ironing out the bugs, they were assisted by development partner IllFonic, who recently completed their contract after finishing the latest update.

Friday The 13th Pinehurst Map
Pinehurst Map Friday The 13th
Source – PlayerOne

Now Black Tower Studios will be assisting Gun Media in future developement work. Black Tower Studios have actually assisted IllFonic in some parts of the game’s development, including work on the Pinehurst and Jarvis House maps. The studio is actually quite experienced and they are based out of Tokyo. Black Tower Studios have previously worked on Unity and Aksys Games.

Although, there still won’t be any new kind of content, something that will represent copyright material including different skins for Jason and other characters. So it will be a uphill battle for Gun Media, because their USP has now become a liability, which is basically the Friday The 13th franchise. Meanwhile, if you are not a stern Friday The 13th fan, you are better off playing Dead For Daylight now.

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IllFonic Studios Move On To Other Projects – Friday The 13th Gets New Developers For Futher Content Development

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